BMW E9 30CS Driveshafts

Got a vibration through the driveline on your BMW? Did you know that the u-joints are not replaceable on a factory driveshaft? Our remanufactured driveshafts allow for future replacement of u-joints and are rebuilt to a higher specification than the factory driveshaft. We start with OEM u-joints and then machine yokes onto the driveshaft to allow for future u-joint replacement. All bushings, universal joints, center bearings are replaced with new hardware (flex discs are not included but available separately). The whole unit is then dynamically balanced on a precision Axiline Balancer.

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U-joint - E28 E30
Genuine BMW
T#: 368033
Mfg#: 26117518304
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U-Joint - E28 E30
T#: 367325
Mfg#: 26111105398MY
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U-Joint - E28 E30
T#: 371254
Mfg#: 26111105398
Ships on Aug 3, 2018