BMW E92 M3 Brake Cooling Ducts & Backing Plates

Plan on tracking your car? Going to be using real track/race pads? You're going to need brake cooling ducts and hose. Brakes create lots of heat and temps can rise to damaging levels. Excessive heat will burn up caliper seals and dust boots, boil brake fluid, lead to rapid pad wear, inconsistent pedal feel, damage rubber boots on suspension ball joints, and other problems. Racing brake pads are designed to work in very specific temperature ranges so to prevent them from exceeding those temps race teams rely on brake cooling ducts, silicone hose, and bumper ducts.

We have designed and produced advanced brake backing plates that fit behind the wheel bearing hub. The backing plates have an inlet duct that directs air to the center of the hub/rotor. From there, cooling vanes in the rotor draw the air through the rotor to cool it. By keeping the rotor cool it won't transfer as much heat through the pads, caliper, and rest of the braking system. Our kits are designed to fit to the hub without having to remove the hub/bearing.

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HARD Motorsport Brake Cooling ClubSport Kit - BMW E9X M3
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