BMW F12 Heating & Air Conditioning

Is your BMW blowing hot air when you want AC? Not getting enough hot air when it's cold out? Well we have the heater cores, heater valves, blower motors and related parts for your BMW. Tip: Is your air conditioning / heater fan going crazy? Does it only run at one speed or not work at all? Then a likely culprit is this blower resistor, often called the "final stage unit" in the BMW world. The function of this part is to regulate the voltage of the blower motor on BMWs which use the digital climate control. This blower resistor is a notorious weakness on the cars that use it. When it fails, your blower fan speed can fluctuate as if it has a mind of its own, or get stuck at one position. BMW has updated this item several times and we only carry the most current version.

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Genuine BMW Blower Motor Resistor - F01/2 F07/10 F06/12/13
Genuine BMW
T#: 388744
Mfg#: 64119355981
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OEM Hella Blower Regulator - F10 F12 F01
T#: 20491
Mfg#: 64119220847
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Genuine BMW Repair Kit For Button Caps - 61319313923
Genuine BMW
T#: 179220
Mfg#: 61319313923
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