BMW F83 Clutch Parts

The OEM clutch kits that we sell include the basic clutch components - disc, pressure plate, and throw-out bearing. But there's much more to the clutch and driveline system than that. These are all of the 'while you're in there...' parts that make sense to install or replace at the same time you have the transmission out of the car. In this section you will find: hardware, clutch fork, dowels, ball pin, spring clip, hydraulic lines, clutch master cylinder, clutch slave cylinder, output cylinder, flywheel, SMG hydraulic pump, pressure accumulator, and other clutch-related parts.

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Genuine BMW Clutch Cover - E82,E89,E92,E93,F80,F82,F83
Genuine BMW
T#: 53948
Mfg#: 28407604769
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Clutch Pivot Pin - E36 E46 E9X Z2 Z4 E39 E60
Genuine BMW
T#: 12483
Mfg#: 21511223328
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