BMW Z8 Wheel Bolts, Wheel Studs and Nuts

Any time you use a wheel spacer you MUST have a longer wheel bolt or wheel stud to properly fasten the wheel to the hub. We offer extended wheel spacer bolts in silver and black finish in a variety of lengths to fit many spacer sizes. We're up to date on the different thread sizing as well - 12x1.5, 14x1.25, and 14x1.5 so we can supply wheel bolts for just about any BMW or MINI.

Add the spacer thickness to your stock bolt length and that is your ideal extended bolt length. We generally sell bolts by spacer thickness but there may be exceptions. It's always best to measure from the wheel bolt you're currently using. When we list the total length of a bolt it's from the base of the mounting seat to the tip. To be considered safe, a 12x1.5 wheel bolt needs 10mm (6.5 turns) of thread engaged; a 14x1.25 or 14x1.5 bolt needs 12mm (9.0 and 7.5 turns) of engaged thread.

For accurate results, specify your model below:

19mm 12x1.5 Turner Yellow Zinc-Coated Race Wheel Nut
Turner Motorsport
T#: 3137
Mfg#: TWH9952R19
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Genuine BMW Wheel Locks - Most BMWs
Genuine BMW
T#: 3270
Mfg#: 36136792849
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12x1.5 Extended Wheel Locks For Wheel Spacers
T#: 388203
Mfg#: 003901ECSBM
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