BMW Z8 Electrical Sensors, Switches, & Relays

Electrical gremlins can be very frustrating. Luckily your BMW's electrical system is better than most, even if it's 25 years old. Here you will find electrical relays, sensors, switches, and modules for the engine, camshaft, and crankshaft. Our parts are OEM, Genuine BMW, or approved aftermarket brands that we have an excellent track record with. There is no middle ground with electrical parts - it either works perfectly or not. And there's nothing more frustrating than a new part that fails right out of the box. So it's important to choose quality replacement parts over a cheap but faulty piece.

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Oil Temperature Sensor And Gauge Kit
Packaged by Turner
T#: 401690
Mfg#: oiltempgaugeKT1
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Coolant Temperature Sensor - M52/S52, M62, M73, M54, S62
Genuine BMW
T#: 7257
Mfg#: 13621703993
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$175.32 14% off MSRP
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HARD Motorsport Battery Disconnect / Kill Switch Sticker
HARD Motorsport
T#: 390227
In Stock
Oil Pressure Switch (fits most BMWs)
T#: 363
Mfg#: 12617568480
Ships on Aug 6, 2018
Turner Plug-and-Play IAT Relocation Kit
Turner Motorsport
T#: 391751
Mfg#: 014579TMS
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Starting At $131.40
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Turner Motorsport Oil Temperature Sensor Flange
Turner Motorsport
T#: 359474
Mfg#: TEN9990001
In Stock