BMW Exterior Trim & Body Parts and Styling

Keep your BMW looking fit and trim with our replacement factory or aftermarket exterior pieces. The appearance of your BMW can be a statement; with our OEM replacements, you can maintain your car’s looks and the function of exterior components like mirrors, window regulators, and hood dampers. To upgrade your car with aero components, updated bumpers, or full body kits, visual upgrades from M-Tech, ZHP, CSL, and more are ready to give your BMW the perfect look.

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Black Grills

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Replacement black and carbon fiber kidney grilles and black shadowline grille and trim.
Chrome is so Seventies!!! These replacement front grilles eliminate the traditional (but dated) chrome BMW kidney / center grilles in favor of the stealthier look of matte black or carbon fiber. These shadow-style pieces feature factory-style clips and installation. Blackline grilles give your BMW a darker, more aggressive look without being over done. We offer these grills for a wide variety of BMWs, and use them on our own personal BMWs for that aggressive stealth look. They are made from impact resistant long life ABS polymer. These install in minutes, and cost less than the cost of a pair of new factory BMW grilles, making them simple and cost effective. Each kit includes both a left and right grille for your BMW, ready to install.

Chrome Grills & Trim

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Replacement chrome kidney grilles and chrome exerior trim.
These direct replacement front grilles maintain the traditional chrome BMW kidney / center grilles to keep the orignal equipment look. These chrome pieces feature a perfect fit with factory-style clips and installation. We offer these grills for all BMW's. They are made from impact resistant long life ABS polymer, and are precision crafted for a perfect OEM fit. These install in minutes, and help to rejuvenate the look of your BMW.

Emblems & Decals for Hood, Trunk, and Wheels

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Is your BMW's emblem faded, chipped, peeling or even MISSING? A new hood or trunk badge is an easy and inexpensive way to treat your BMW and spruce up its looks. Best of all, it takes only minutes to change! Whether you are just looking to replace your stock emblem or enhance the look of your emblem with our colored/carbon fiber roundel overlays, we have just the right part for you.

Painted Reflectors

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Reflectors were added to BMW models for the US market only to meet DOT visibility recommendations. They are garrish and cruel add-ons that fulfill their purpose but grossly detract from BMW's styling. The best solution would be to buy European body panels that are smooth and don't have the holes and cutouts for the reflectors. Aside from that expensive route you can buy these reflectors that are color matched to the body color. Our reflectors start out as a mold from the original BMW reflector for a precise and excellent fit. They are then painted by a professional bodyshop with the factory BMW paint code for a beautiful match. The original reflector pops out from the body and the new one snaps right in (a careful technique is still required as you're dealing with thin plastic).

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Front Spoilers, Bumper Covers, & Air Dams

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Improve the look and the aerodynamics of your BMW with one of our replacement front spoilers or bumpers. Upgrading your BMW's front end with a lip spoiler, front spoiler lips, or a full bumper cover can completely transform the look of your BMW. We carry a variety of OEM BMW front spoilers and aftermarket front spoilers including the M-Tech, ZHP, M3 CSL and M5 style bumpers to suit your needs.

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Rear Spoilers, Rear Wings, & Aprons

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Improve the look and the aerodynamics of your BMW with one of our rear spoilers or wings. We carry a variety of OEM BMW rear spoilers and aftermarket rear wings including the M-Tech, M3 and M5 spoilers to suit your needs.

Looking for a front bumper or front spoiler?
Check out our Front Spoilers & Bumpers page.

Body Trim Parts & Accessories

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BMW exterior and body trim includes glazing, window trim, glass, moldings, door covers and handles, trim panels, blackline trim, window mouldings, antenna, jack pads, convertible top parts, door lock equipment, exterior-mounted sensors (temp sensors), splash wall panels, wheel well liners, windshield trim and cowl covers, headlight eyelids, tow hook covers, license plate frames, and more. We get our BMW trim pieces from BMW directly (unless noted) - not aftermarket parts with poor quality.

Carbon Fiber Trunk Lids

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Not only do these trunk lids provide a cosmetic enhancement in appearance, but they offer a considerable weight savings over the heavy steel factory BMW trunk lid. If you're after either weight savings for your BMW, a visual improvement, or BOTH, a carbon fiber trunk lid is a good option to consider.

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Hood & Trunk Shocks, Struts

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There are very few car-related things more annoying than having the hood or trunk fall on you when you're working under it. Especially when the hood struts are easy to replace and not very expensive. These are the OEM hood shocks with the highest quality. Replace them today and your mechanic will thank you later.

License Plate Brackets & License Plate Frames

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Why drill holes in your BMW's front bumper? The 'NO HOLES' License Plate Bracket (NHLPB) allows you to mount a front plate to your BMW without having to drill into your front bumper. Instead, it utilizes a custom machined stud that screws into the towhook receptacle. All parts are made from Stainless Steel to ensure no rust. The mounting hardware utilizes nylock nuts or lock washers which will not loosen from vibration. The plate attachment screws are button head socket cap screws for a nice clean look.

We carry a wide variety of BMW license plate frames with the M3, M5 or M logo or in real carbon fiber for a unique look. Whether you are looking to give your BMW a new look with our "No Holes" license plate bracket, a new license plate frame or just replace factory license plate mounting parts, we have the parts you need.

Mirror Kits & Mirror Parts

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BMW's mirror sets on the M models are part of what sets them apart from the regular standard cars. The famous E36 M3 mirrors were admired so much you sometimes find them on Hondas! With the high level of tuning on some of today's BMWs a mirror upgrade is part of the overall package and nice finishing touch to the rest of your build. M3 and M5 mirror upgrades can help personalize and set your car apart. These Genuine BMW and replica mirror sets are direct, plug-in replacements for your standard mirrors. They come complete with wiring kits and glass and include all of the same features for power and heat as the standard mirrors. We also sell new mirror caps to install over or replace the stock pieces.

Window Regulators & Motors

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BMW window regulators and power window motors are common failure items on nearly all BMW models. Especially on E46 and E39 models and these cars are now getting over ten years old. We stock nearly all of the common window failure parts including the window regulators, window motors, guides, vapor barriers, clips, and even power window switches. Replacement of these is a bit tricky so we try and provide you with everything you might need to do the job once.

Wiper Blades, Wiper Pumps, & Wiper Motor Parts

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A properly performing wiper system is essential for the safety for you and your BMW. We carry all BMW wiper system parts including upgraded PIAA Silicone Wiper blades, BMW windsheild washer pumps, and BMW wiper motors. We recommend replacing wiper blades yearly and inspecting the wiper system annually.

Hood Pins and AeroCatch Latches

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Hood pins are a smart modification to make for track and race cars. Hood pins and the newer AeroCatch latches allow someone to open the hood from the outside without using the original latch mechanism or having to pull the handle from inside the car (impossible for a driver belted into the car). Hood pins are also an inexpensive to rusty/crusty original replacement BMW latch kits. If the original hood latch on your track car is broken, stuck or the hood latch cable is binding or stiff then it may be time for a set of hood pins or AeroCatches. Adding a hood pin kit is a permanent modification to your car as it requires drilling holes in your hood and a supporting structure underneath.

Racing Tow Hooks and Tow Straps

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Tow hooks and straps are required in all racing series and most major driver's clubs and driver education track days. And the tow ring in the factory BMW tool kit is frowned upon because it protrudes from the bumper. Most racing series require a folding tow ring to prevent yours from spearing another car during close racing. For our own racing cars we developed several solutions that make these the best tow hooks and straps on the market for your BMW. The current favorite style is a nylon strap but we also sell folding steel rings. Check with your racing series to see which type they prefer.

Aero & Body Kits

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Body kits include front, side, rear, and other components to completely alter or update the appearance of your BMW. These may not be wild and attention-getting add-ons. We offer many pieces that replicate factory bodywork from M3, M5, M Sport and other BMW factory aero kits. Updating the trim and appearance is a great way to add value and refresh your car's ordinary looks.

Paint Protection

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Roof Racks

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