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Your BMW's handling is determined by the capabilities and age of your suspension components. Our selected aftermarket performance suspension like coilovers, lowering springs, cup kits, and dampers can improve the handling of your BMW dramatically. With those upgrades comes the needs for proper adjustment; our recommended supporting modifications comes stiffer sway bars, bushings, and adjustable camber/caster plates, to name a few found on this page. Completely build your suspension for the most competitive BMW driving experience, achieve your perfect look, or simply replace your worn suspension with our recommended parts.

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Shocks & Struts

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Looking to buy shocks for your BMW? Turner has the best options available. We carry only the highest quality German brands, including Bilstien, Koni (which come with Lifetime Warranty) as well as Genuine BMW shocks & struts. We won't carry a shock if it's not something we would use on our own personal BMWs or our Turner Motorsport BMW project cars. Would you want to use anything else?

Is you BMW not riding and driving like the crisp cornering machine it used to? It's probably time for a new set of shocks. The factory BMW shocks typically only last about 50 or 60 thousand miles before they wear out and start failing. Failed, leaking or lifeless old shocks make your BMW feel unsettled, cause uneven tire wear and can even be dangerous. Your BMW's shocks are a critical part of the suspension system, and should keep your tires planted on the road. If your shocks haven't been replaced in 60, 80 or 100 miles, you are definitely due for a new set.

Choose a shock type below to browse shocks for your BMW. Bilstein and Koni offer higher performance, improved handling over stock with limited Lifetime Warranty. Genuine BMW shock absorbers are also available for some models if you want a factory ride quality once again.

BMW Bilstein Shocks & Struts
Bilstein Shock Packages for BMW
Koni Shocks for BMWOEM BMW Shocks and BMW Factory Struts

Ohlins Coilover Kits

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TC Kline Racing Coil Overs

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TC Kline's coilovers are engineered to maximize the comfort and performance of your BMW. No matter if it is a dedicated track car or just a daily driver specific care has been paid to each component of this system to meet the needs of any enthusiast. Designed and tested on the street and the track, TC Kline coilovers use custom valved Koni shocks and struts paired with springs ranging from 300-700# stiffness for unrivaled performance.

Bilstein PSS PSS9 PSS10 Coil Over Suspensions

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The Bilstein PSS family of coil overs feature German-engineered suspension designs for the aggressive and enthusiastic BMW driver. Bilstein PSS, PSS9, and PSS10 coilovers combine their patented and celebrated monotube shock technology with individual height adjustments to create a user-customizable ride and handling package. Bilstein Clubsport suspensions are for the committed track enthusiast who wants a cutting-edge, proven suspension for racing and open track events.

Bilstein Coil-Overs provide you with an exceptional blend of ride and handling with the added feature of height and dampening adjustability. With coilovers from Bilstein you get shocks and springs that are engineered together. The result is incredible handling with ride that is tuned for the street. Forget the notion that coil overs are only to be used in racing - they are now the perfect package for your streetcar.

Bilstein PSS: height adjustable, street use
Bilstein PSS9: 9-position dampers, height adjustable, street/track use
Bilstein PSS10: 10-position dampers, height adjustable, street/track use
Bilstein B16 RideControl: EDC 2-position dampers, height adjustable, street/track use
Bilstein Clubsport: 10x10-position motorsport dampers, height adjustable, track use

H&R Performance Springs

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H&R has been the leader in German-made performance springs since the 1970s. Lowering springs are not just about the looks and stance. Lowering the center of gravity, reducing bodyroll, and stiffening the suspension all lead to better handling on the road and the racetrack. H&R engineers spring sets for a number of different driving situations but most of all they are set up for street use. H&R springs lower the ride height and stiffen the spring rate with the goal of delivering flatter cornering and better handling balance on the road without hurting ride quality. We think the H&R ride quality is perfect for street use - not overly stiff for every day use but stiff enough that it makes a significant improvement (unlike other 'sport' springs on the market). And every H&R sport spring set is designed with TUV approval so that it functions just like a stock spring but with added performance benefits.

Turner Motorsport has branched out for non-BMW applications too! See our partner site for springs, coil overs, spacers, and other chassis upgrades for non-BMW applications.

Dinan Performance Springs

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Dinan Performance Springs are matched to your BMW's chassis and suspension components to deliver better handling and looks without sacrificing ride quality. Dinan BMW springs are carefully engineered to work within your car's suspension travel and to improve suspension geometry. Spring rates are slightly stiffer than stock and dialed in to reduce bodyroll. A stiffer suspension makes the car more fun to drive and the lower ride height improves the looks by reducing wheel-fender gap.

H&R Cup Kit Shock & Spring Packages

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H&R is one of the only suspension manufacturers to offer a true, tuned, matching shock and spring package. These suspensions deliver the lowering and performance specs of a coil over without the added complexity and cost. By matching the shock damper rates to the spring characteristics, H&R can deliver a smooth ride with much improved handling. Cup Kits are offered in two types -
Touring - similar to an H&R Sport spring with mild, progressive spring rates and a modest ride height drop. These are perfect as a replacement/upgrade for stock sport suspensions.
Sport - similar to an H&R Super Sport or Race spring with a more aggressive spring rate and radical height drop.

We also have Cup Kits available for other makes and models: Acura, Audi, Chrysler, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes, Saturn, Volkswagen from our partner site

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Spring & Shock Packages

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These suspension packages consist of H&R Springs combined with Bilstein Sport shocks and struts. This combination works exceptionally well on street-driven cars when coil overs are not available or not desired. These springs and shocks will lower the ride height, firm up the suspension, decrease bodyroll, and provide better handling. There's almost no downside save for a slightly firmer ride.

A shock/spring package is a direct replacement for the existing shocks, struts, and springs in your car. Unlike coil overs, there are no adjustments to be made or complicated mechanisms to use and the parts do not require special bushings and mounts. Our suspension packages install with the same original mounts as your stock shocks and springs (new parts are generally recommended of course). For a simple, inexpensive, and hassle-free suspension upgrade, a shock/spring package is impossible to beat. Bilstein shocks and H&R springs each carry a limited lifetime warranty.

For more information on packages versus coil overs, click to our guide.

Dinan Coilover Spring Kits

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Dinan Adjustable Spring Sets allow the ride height to be fine-tuned even with stock shocks. This gives you the ability to keep your stock shocks (even EDC) but lower the ride height and set the perfect stance. This is hugely beneficial when using larger wheels and tires where a standard spring drop will not give you the look you desire. Dinan coil over springs include a threaded collar that fits over the stock strut body in the front and an adjustable perch in the rear. New progressive bump stops are also included to maintain the proper shock travel. This kit is great for fine tuning your ride height while retaining the factory EDC system.

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Turner / H&R Height Adjustable Spring Sets

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A Turner Motorsport Exclusive! We recognized a need from our customers for a height adjustable spring set for some BMW models. These sport spring sets allow you to set the rake of the car by having an adjuster on the two rear springs. This gives you a range of height settings to account for your ideal stance, additional weight in the trunk (stereos, etc), suspension travel and clearance. These adjustable springs are only available through Turner Motorsport. They are designed as sport springs - great for street use with a balanced rate. The stiffer spring rate will improve handling and reduce bodyroll. We think the H&R ride quality is perfect for street use - not overly stiff for every day use but stiff enough that it makes a significant improvement. Set includes front and rear springs, and adjustable rear spring perches. Click here for additional information on using the rear spring perches.
A set of sport shocks is highly recommended when using sport springs.

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H&R Coil Over Suspensions

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H&R Coil Overs provide you with an exceptional blend of ride and handling with the added feature of height-adjustability. With coil overs from H&R you get shocks and springs that are engineered together. The result is incredible handling with ride that is tuned for the street. Forget the notion that coil overs are only to be used in racing - they are now the perfect package for your streetcar. H&R coil overs have ride-height adjusting perches for most BMW models.

H&R is the original German coil over manufacturer - designing and testing coil overs from their base in Sauerland. H&R began by producing high-quality springs for motorsports and rally. Then grew to include high-performance street vehicles and later engineering their springs to work within custom-designed shock absorbers to form high-performance coil over suspension kits. Each kit is designed in-house, tested extensively (including the Nurburgring) and produced with quality materials. Every H&R coil over is TUV tested and approved and ISO certified.

KW Coil Over Suspensions

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KW Coil-Over kits are the final answer to your suspension needs. For most BMW applications, KW makes a kit that will perfectly suit your expectations for ride, handling, fitment, and quality. KW's single-minded focus on coil over suspensions ensures proper vehicle-specific engineering with the correct suspension travel, fitment with OE or KW mounts, and ease-of-use. KW uses inox-stainless steel or aluminum on nearly all of their parts to ensure the maximum level of corrosion resistance. Every Variant kit has been tested and certified by Germany's TUV and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Their fresh approach to complete suspension assemblies has won them praise from forums and shows to racetracks around the globe. KW uses different levels of kit specification - ranging from mild-mannered to hardcore track-only designs.

Variant 1 - Factory Pre-set Damping - Each V1 Coilover has dampers perfectly tuned for the springs included with the kit. This delivers a comfortable but sporty and controlled ride without being jarring or uncomfortable.

Variant 2 - Rebound Adjustable Damping - The V2 kit adds rebound control to the V1 kit. By making the rebound of the shock adjustable, you are more able to tune the handling of the car to suit your needs. Rebound works with the springs to help keep the tire pressed against the pavement. The compression dampening of the shock remains the same as V1.

Variant 3 - Rebound + Compression Adjustable Damping - The V3 coilovers give you full control over rebound and compression rates and puts you one step closer to a true race-ready suspension. Shock Rebound (infinite) and Compression (14 positions) are adjusted independently so you can precisely change the handling charactertistics to get the best fit for indivdual tracks or fine-tune your car's ride to suit the roads in your area. You've got full control!

DDC - Dynamic Damping Control - KW's own EDC system with electronically controlled shocks on their standard Variant X coil over assembly. This system replaces a factory EDC system or works as an EDC-upgrade. The driver can select any of 3 pre-set shocks damping modes. Or they can upgrade with a KW smartphone app and have greater control over the shock damping.

ClubSport - Rebound + Compression Adjustable Damping, Front Adjustable Camber Plates, Track-spec Spring Rates - The KW Clubsport line is geared for track-focused cars where performance trumps everything else. These kits have stiffer springs with corresponding changes to the shock adjustment range, and front monoball bearing camber plates (for most BMW applications). Because of the narrow focus of this suspension, we recommend using it only on a racetrack. With solid mounts like monoball bearings you gain performance and agility in place of comfort. Shock, Rebound and Compression, and front camber are all adjustable independently so you can precisely change the handling charactertistics to get the lowest lap times for the track you're running. You've got ultimate control!

Moton Coil Overs & Race Shocks

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Moton suspensions are used on the world's most-advanced sports and touring cars and are available to BMW club racers and professional BMW motorsport teams alike. Moton's innovative designs and cutting-edge engineering are exactly what racers look for when choosing a racing-style suspension for their BMW.

Turner Motorsport has extensive experience with Motons - they were used on our E36 and E46 SCCA Touring Cars as well as a number of club racing builds. There are few companies that really sit at the top of motorsport damper technology and Moton is the most well-known. Moton shocks are built for the absolute pinnacle of racing with design and features required to win at the highest level. Motons can be configured a number of different ways, including true rear coil over conversions, aluminum strut/shock bodies, solid mounts, and other features.

Turner Motorsport Moton packages include everything you need for a complete bolt-in racing coil over: set of Moton dampers, front camber plates (depending on model), rear shock mounts, 60mm springs, seat hardware, and rear height adjusters.

ST Suspension Coilover Kits

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ST Suspensions - high quality German engineered coil over systems at an affordable price. In 2005 ST was aquired by KW automotive GmbH and launched the innovative ST Coilover program, modeled after a KW Variant 1 coilover design.ST coilover's use the same valving as the KW Variant 1 designs but utilize a less expensive galvanized shock/strut housing. This lower cost design is ideal for area's with low moisture orsalt exposure. For area's with higher moisture levels or exposure to salt you may want to consider the KW Stainless Steel coil over kits.

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Turner Motorsport TrackSport Coil-Over Suspension Kits

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Our own custom Coilover suspension kit for the E46 3 Series has been designed specifically for the driving enthusiast who wants razor-sharp, precise handling while still being tolerable for the street. This is our firmest street coil-over kit, making it a great choice for weekend track and club sport events. We spec'd this package in a spring rate suitable for mixed street and track driving, making for tolerable street driving while still being aggressive enough to be a great choice for weekend track and club sport events. Perfect for driving schools and high performance driver educations (HPDE). Designed and engineered by Turner Motorsport and H&R, these kits are Autobahn & Nurburgring tested and surpass all German TUV standards for quality and function. Such a combination of handling performance and quality simply cannot be matched at this special low introductory price.

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Turner Motorsport Racing Suspension Kits

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Turner Motorsport got its start at BMW CCA and SCCA track events in the early 1990s. It was Will Turner's Club Racing championships that promoted the company as a leader in BMW performance tuning and motorsports. Suspension tuning was one of the things that cemented our repuation as BMW tuning professionals. Since our early years we have developed total package suspension upgrades that make the most of available technology and development. Our packages come from our racing programs over the years - E30 J-Stock, E36 ITS/World Challenge, E46 World Challenge/Grand-Am, and E9X M3 Grand-Am. In addition to complete packages we also over select individual components from our pro racing team. These are the same parts as used on our Touring Car and Grand Sport racing efforts with years of on-track developemt by our drivers - Bill Auberlen, Boris Said, Joey Hand, and Billy Johnson, among others. Our race wins and championships are testaments to the engineering and design put into every Turner racing part we offer.

For other individual components, be sure to check out the rest of our suspension page.

Chassis Reinforcement Kits & Parts

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Made in the USAAs much of an "Ultimate Driving Machine" it is, many BMW models unfortunately suffer from weak points in the chassis. Over the years we have uncovered many weak or failure-prone areas in the chassis and have developed our own reinforcing solutions for them. And we continue to be the leading experts on BMW chassis reinforcing. Failures can come from a number, or combination, of causes: improper maintenance, age and mileage, poor design, environmental factors, poor repair work, and over-stressing modifications. The longer you let your car go without repairing or reinforcing these areas, the closer it gets to crumbling apart. Our chassis reinforcement kits are designed to first identify potential weak points and then strengthen and reinforce the existing design.

Most of our kits are not labor intensive although welding is usually required. If you suspect your chassis may have structural problems we recommend taking it to a well-known bodyshop or restoration shop. (find out who your local BMW dealer uses - we sell many of our kits to dealer-authorized repair shops). Making the preventative fix simple and effective is better than a long and complicated repair after the failure. Our kits are not usually used for fixing existing damage (only your body shop can determine the correct course of action). But our kits have been proven under extreme conditions on racetracks around the world to prevent many of the costly - and dangerous - chassis problems.

Sway Bar Kits

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The next step in tuning your car's handling - after shocks/springs and camber plates - should be a set of swaybars. Using larger front and rear sway bars will give your car better/quicker turn-in and less bodyroll in corners. These bars replace the existing sway bars on the car for a clean and simple upgrade with very little downside. Sway bars should be matched with your springs/shocks to maintain a proper handling balance. In some cases only a front or rear bar is needed to positively change the balance and make the car more neutral. We sell sway bar kits from H&R, Racing Dynamics, OE BMW upgrades, and even some of our own designs. Swaybars are sold with new bushings. New links and other hardware are strongly recommended.

Sway Bar Links & Sway Bar Parts

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Worn or failed sway bar links can lead to clunks, thunks in your suspension -- or WORSE, they can cause an upset in your BMW's handling. We carry both stock and upgraded swaybar links for BMW's, so whether you are replacing a broken stock sway bar link or looking for upgraded swaybar end links for track or racing purposes, this section is where you'll find our sway bar links and parts.

Camber / Caster Kits

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The camber setting in your alignment is one of the most crucial aspects of your suspension and the overall driving experience. Unfortunately, most BMWs do not have a camber adjustment in the front and a limited adjustment in the rear. This can be frustrating because camber comes into play whenever you make changes to the suspension or when you want more negative camber for more grip and better handling. There are multiple reasons to adjust camber -

•  You want more front end grip to reduce understeer and create a more balanced handling scenario,
•  You have lowered the car and need to reduce negative camber due to inside tire wear
•  You added wider tires or wheels and need extra clearance to bodywork,
•  Your car was in an accident or collision and the camber setting is now wrong. Note: there may be other factors to this situation and we recommend finding the root cause rather than a quick-fix.

We offer front fixed or adjustable camber plates or camber/caster plates, rear adjustable camber arms, and rear adjustable camber bushings from KMAC, Vorshlag, and also our own designs to fit your specific needs. In most cases, these adjustable camber kits are a direct replacement for the stock BMW part, enabling a seamless upgrade. Adjustable camber can be dialed-in using ordinary hand tools and most kits have reference marks for consistent and repeatable adjustments. No drilling, slotting, or welding required! Some kits perform specific functions and fit with specific types of suspensions (stock, stock-type, coil-over, etc). Give us a call if you need guidance in selecting the best camber plate option for your particular suspension or situation.

Strut Braces & Stress Bars

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BMWs need some added chassis strengthening in the front. You may notice some "chassis flex" when cornering or driving over a bumpy road. The reason for this is the incredible amount of force being applied to front strut towers. They have a tendency to flex when force is applied to them. Tying the strut towers together with a brace reduces the amount of flex and soldifies your car's chassis. Easy installation.

Control Arm Replacements & Upgrades

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Control arms, and their integrated ball joints, are some of the most crucial components on a BMW suspension. The control arms literally control the wheel and suspension as they go through their range of motions. They do more than just keep the alignment in a constant spec - they are a vital locating component for the suspension itself. A faulty or worn control arm or ball joint is a very dangerous and potentially life-threatening problem so make sure they are inspected and replaced at regular intervals.

Most control arms for BMWs consist of an inner and outer ball joint made of plastic, rubber, Delrin, or metal and covered in grease with a rubber boot to seal it from the outside. The ball joint rotates and spins as the control arm goes through its movements and that will wear the ball joint and make it loose. The grease inside the housing can also get used up, evaporate, or become contaminated from moisture and foreign particles. As the ball joint becomes worn it can result in excess movement within the housing. Your steering and handling will become less precise and there is usually a light clunking or clicking sound. In rare and extreme cases the ball joint can separate from the control arm completely, leading to a total loss of suspension and steering control. You should have the ball joint play checked annually and replace them every 3-4 years. Most track organizations will not allow a car if they are older than three years.

Control arms also take abuse from impacts and handling forces. Aluminum control arms will generally bend and prevent an accurate alignment. Steel control arms will crack and fracture and require close inspection annually and replacement every 3-4 years.

We sell OE BMW, OEM, and performance upgrade control arms from proven manufacturers. The control arm is so important to a BMW suspension that we insist on only top quality brands and designs and will never sell a control arm based on price alone. We also have upgrade packages with superior designs and better bushing options and we have bundled these together with valuable package savings.

Suspension Bushings & Mounts

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Suspension mounts are designed to absorb the energy of the shocks and springs and isolate road harshness from the chassis. But over time the original rubber mounts will crumble and fail. We have stock mounts and bushings as well as a wide selection of upgraded and heavier-duty for performance street cars. We also offer a full selection of race only bushings and mounts. Simply choose your car below. Included here you will find rear shock tower mounts, front strut mounts, subframe mounts, lower control arm bushings, rear trailing arm bushings, and more.

Wheel Bearings & Hub Assemblies

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OEM Front Wheel Bearing Hub Assemblies (Some are SKF, FAG and Koyo). These Front wheel bearing hubs meet all of the OE specifications for fitment and life. These wheel bearing hubs are the best you can buy we use these same brands on both our race cars and street cars.

Steering Racks & Power Steering Pumps

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Part of your BMW's 'Ultimate Driving Machine' nature comes from its responsive and precise steering. So when a steering component is failing you know right away with an obvious symptoms and side effects that may ruin the driving experience. We offer all of the steering components to restore your BMW's precision and safety - power steering racks, pumps, belts, steering shafts, tie rods, and more. Don't see what you need - give us a call or e-mail!

Tie Rods & Steering Parts

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Tie rods are the link between your steering rack and the wheel. It's through the tie rod that toe alignments are set and a worn tie rod will mean your car will never be properly aligned. This results in poor tire wear, handling inconsistencies, and even dangerous steering feel. Most tie rods consists of an inner and outer section with ball joints. Although the tie rods do not see the same levels of load as the control arms the ball joints still take the same type of abuse and should be inspected yearly. Our tie rods are Genuine BMW, OEM, or approved name brand aftermarket brands that are high quality and have excellent track records.

Coil Over Spring Hardware

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Coil over suspensions consist of a spring mounted on the strut or shock body. The springs sit or are located by seats on the bottom and hats on the top. This is a similar arrangement as a stock strut but coil overs use a smaller diameter spring and the strut body is usually threaded for height adjustment. The top of a strut can also vary by manufacturer with the uppermost shock stem being manufactured in different ways that require special hardware. Our selection of spring seats, lock rings, and top hats has all been designed for use on various BMW coil over suspensions. Here you can find replacement parts for existing coil over kits and other spring hardware to complete your setup.

Sachs Performance Coil Over Suspension

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SACHS Performance coilover suspensions feature sporty responsiveness, long service lives, unparalleled quality, and handling. With high-quality monotube gas shock absorbers filled with heavy-duty oil each damper is designed for the ultimate in performance and ride quality.

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CATuned Coilover Kits

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CATuned offers ride control solutions for an incredible range of BMWs, providing one of the only complete coilover systems, including hubs, for the E30. Their street coilover systems are excellent for giving your BMW the perfect stance and precise handling you would expect from a sport-tuned German performance car.

AC Schnitzer Suspension Kits

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AC Schnitzer Sport Suspension is engineered to blend seamlessly with your BMW's chassis and suspension components to deliver superior handling and style without sacrificing ride quality. Schnitzer's suspension kit is designed with precision to improve overall suspension geometry. The springs are slightly stiffer than stock and fine tuned to reduce body roll, without sacrificing driving comfort. A stiffer suspension makes the car more fun to drive, while the lower ride height improves the looks by reducing wheel gap. A great addition to enhance any suspension!

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AST Suspension

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With their race-proven quality and performance, AST Suspension is one of Turner Motorsport’s recommended choices. Outfit your weekend warrior or track dedicated BMW with a suspension designed for optimum performance and adjustable to fit your driving style precisely. Their suspension ranges from street performance to competitive track use. All AST suspension for supported BMWs can be found on this page.

Fortune Auto Coilover Kits

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Fortune Auto develops race-winning, performance suspension systems for Japanese and European vehicles. The advanced suspension technology found in their dampers is derived from successes in World Challenge, Redline Time Attack, Formula Drift, One Lap of America, NASA Racing Series, along with being the official suspension supplier of Global Time Attack. Research and development on the racetrack allows us to deliver the best suspension system on the market which optimizes comfort, reliability, and performance. Fortune Auto is one of the few US based suspension companies that actually inspects, assembles and services shocks in the USA.

ISC Suspension Coilover Kits

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BC Racing Coilovers

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