BMW Brake Pads

Turner Motorsport offers brake pads for every environment and need. Whether you're daily commuting, backroad carving, autocrossing, hot lapping, sprint racing, or endurance racing we have a brake pad brand and pad compound that will work within your requirements. We are one of the largest retail sources of BMW brakes in the world and we avoid overlapping brands and compounds. This means we can offer specific compounds and types that match with your driving environments and your braking characteristics. With our long history of building street and track BMWs we have a depth of insight and knowledge on braking performance unparalleled in the industry. And our racing brakes have been developed with feedback from some of the best sports and GT drivers ever.

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Street Brake Pads

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Street pads that we sell include direct OEM replacements as well as street performance pads with better stopping power than an original pad. As BMW specialists we look for products that perform better than the original BMW part without additional compromises. And nowhere is that more critical than on a brake pad. Street pads should be user-friendly with no noise or vibration. They need to work right away, even at cold temperatures. Street pads generally trade high temperature performance for low temperature performance, which makes them work excellent in street situations but generally do not hold up well over continued track use. A high initial bite is fine but may make the car feel nervous when the brakes grab unexpectantly. Brake dust residue should be kept to a minimum. And any street pad should be easy on rotors - not contributing to high rotor wear or noise.

Examples of Street brake pads that we sell are: StopTech Street Performance, Axxis XBG Metal Master, Axxis ULT Ultimate, Hawk HPS, Hawk Ceramic, Ate, Textar, Pagid, Jurid, and Genuine BMW label

Mixed Street/Track Brake Pads

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"Mixed use" street/track pads are also known as beginner's pads. They are intended for rookie and first-time track drivers who know that their normal street pads will not hold up in prolonged track environments. The biggest enemy to brakes on a track is heat. Working a pad beyond its temperature range will lead to a loss of performance - aka brake fade. Using a pad with higher metallic and/or ceramic content will improve its resistance to fade at higher temperatures, but at a cost. Unlike strictly-street pads, mixed-use pads need some heat in them to work effectively. Therefore, they are not the best for regular street use. Metallic pads also tend to squeal and produce large amounts of dust. On the other hand, these are not all-out race pads and some fade on the track may occur. If you are experiencing fade with these pads it would be an indication to move up to an all-out race pad and get a brake cooling kit. Street-track pads will be fairly easy on rotors and have long life when kept within their operating temps. These generally also work great as an autocross pad.

Examples of Mixed Street/Track pads we sell are: Hawk HP Plus, Pagid S Sport Pads

Racing Brake Pads

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Race pads work in the temperature ranges commonly seen from repeated braking from high speeds on the racetrack. It's the repeated hard braking from very high speeds that requires a very special brake pad. Nearly all street and mixed-use pads will become ineffective at serious track speeds. Racing brake pads are made up of metallic, ceramic, and composite materials that better manage escalating temperatures while also providing exceptional braking performance. Race pads work within a prescribed temperature range (usually in excess of 600*F) - seldom seen on the street. Rotor wear, especially when cold, is significantly more than any other pad. These pads also produce a lot of brake dust which is also corrosive to paint finishes (wheels, fenders, etc). However, when in their temperature ranges, these pads stop better than anything else.

Racing brake pads only work well when matched as a front and rear set. We do not recommend using only a front set when on the track. Although in some situations, mixing race compounds can be done to achieve specific results (brake balance, wheel lock-up, turn-in, etc).

Examples of the race pads we sell: Pagid Orange/Yellow/Black, Hawk HT10, Hawk Blue, Hawk DTC-60, Hawk DTC-70