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Gasket Set Cylinder Head 11129059239

Mfg Part #
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Note:This product is no longer available.

Product Details

GASKET SET CYLINDER HEAD ASB 11129059239 Manufactured by Elring

Complete Parts List
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BMW p/nQtyDescription
071199630376gasket ring
071199630418oil pipe o-ring
071199631303intake temp sensor o-ring
water temp sensor o-ring
071199632001water temp sensor o-ring
071199633551timing chain tensioner o-ring
111217250021valve cover gasket, bank 1
111217250031valve cover gasket, bank 2
111412714152generator shaft seal
111417257001timing cover gasket, bank 1
up to 4/90 production date
111417257011timing cover gasket, bank 1
up to 4/90 production date
111417257031timing cover gasket, bank 2
up to 4/90 production date
111417257041timing cover gasket, bank 2
up to 4/90 production date
111417257802distributor cover-to-timing cover gasket
111417257872rear timing cover gasket
111417294591oil cap tube gasket ring
113117029531timing chain tensioner shaft seal
113490591722valve stem seal
2 packs = 24 valves
115317100482water pipe crossover o-ring
115317100551water pipe o-ring
115375017761water pipe vent o-ring
116117084752throttle body housing gasket
1162170896512exhaust manifold-to-head gasket
117617117174exhaust downpipe-to-exhaust flange gasket
135317202512fuel pressure regulator housing o-ring
135317202522fuel pressure regulator nozzle o-ring
1364173076724fuel injector o-ring (top and bottom)

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