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Awron Exhaust Valve Control Module

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Ships on Aug 10, 2018
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Product Details

AWRON EVC - Exhaust Valve Control Module is a complete plug-n-play controller designed for BMW's with Exhaust Flap Valves. It allows you to remotely open and close the vacuum operated exhaust valve. Close the valves for quiet operation (including cold starts) or open them up for maximum performance sound at the touch of a button. Noise reduction is approximately 8 decibels. Instantaneous response, no need to wait 2+ seconds for the valves to open or close!

This module allows control of the exhaust sound when optimum performance is not required. When the valve is closed, the exhaust is quiet. When fully opened, the exhaust system is in maximum flow mode and the sound of your exhaust is louder. Many BMW owners want a more performance oriented sound without being annoying from their exhaust. After the 30 minute installation, EVC allows the owner to open and close the valve. Compatible with all exhaust systems (OEM or aftermarket) that retain the factory exhaust valve system.

The ECV is installed right after the catalytic converter, and adjustment of the valve is done through a cable run from the cockpit to the valve body. The AWRON valve controlled exhaust gives the user the ability to control the performance and sound of the exhaust with the push of a steering wheel button. This very high quality, stainless steel module is like fitting to OEM component to your vehicle. All necessary hardware included.


  • Full control over Exhaust Valve Control at the touch of a steering wheel button
  • Open / Close Exhaust Valve at any time and instantly
  • Quiet cold starting. Flaps can be opened on cold start (not possible with OEM / M-Menu)
  • Check Engine Light indicator removal for those running cat-less downpipes
  • Easy 30 minute installation process with no wire cutting
  • Instantaneous response, no need to wait 2+ seconds for the valves to open or close!
  • Operated visa steering wheel cruise control rocker switch for fast convenient operation.
  • Completely removable at any time

The EVC module is operated by the cruise control rocker switch on the steering wheel. If the cruise control is switched off, you can switch back and forth. This allows for easy handling and ensures the control of the vehicle by the driver. To open the flap, push button up, to close push button down. AUTO = the original Integrated safety feature (flap opens on click down or high RPMs or high engine temperature) stays active and is not influenced / overwritten by our system (Independent of which setting you have chosen). OPEN = flaps are opened by using of original and already existing button in your vehicle. The M1 button (at the steering wheel) - Independent of the M1 Configuration CLOSE = flaps are closed and means that flap stay always closed under 4000 RPM. Over 4000 RPM gauge AWRON transferred control over ECU (OEM controlling).

Plug & Play Solution
The module is supplied with all connectors and parts you need. Installation time: 30 minutes. Only 5 cables and one plug have to be connected (no soldering / cutting).

Passive / Invisible mode
Auto passive mode will allow factory electronic test equipment or other aftermarket devices to be utilized without causing irregularities in readouts or operation.

USB port for easy setup / updates
Modules can be configured and updated using via PC

Models Supported:
F1x 5-Series with electronic valve control
F2x 1-Series and 2-Series with electronic valve control
F3x 3-Series and 4 Series with electronic valve control
F8x 3-Series New M3 / M4 (all models)

This Part Fits the Following BMWs

Make Model Submodel Engine
BMW F10 528i N20 2.0L
BMW F10 528i N52 3.0L
BMW F10 528i xDrive N20 2.0L
BMW F10 535i N55 3.0L
BMW F10 535i xDrive N55 3.0L
BMW F10 550i N63 4.4L
BMW F10 550i xDrive N63 4.4L
BMW F10 M5 S63 4.4L
BMW F22 228i N20 2.0L
BMW F22 228i xDrive N20 2.0L
BMW F22 M235i N55 3.0L
BMW F22 M235i xDrive N55 3.0L
BMW F23 228i N20 2.0L
BMW F23 228i xDrive N20 2.0L
BMW F23 M235i N55 3.0L
BMW F30 328i N20 2.0L
BMW F30 328i xDrive N20 2.0L
BMW F30 335i N55 3.0L
BMW F30 335i xDrive N55 3.0L
BMW F31 328i xDrive N20 2.0L
BMW F32 428i N20 2.0L
BMW F32 428i xDrive N20 2.0L
BMW F32 435i N55 3.0L
BMW F32 435i xDrive N55 3.0L
BMW F33 428i N20 2.0L
BMW F33 428i xDrive N20 2.0L
BMW F33 435i N55 3.0L
BMW F33 435i xDrive N55 3.0L
BMW F34 328i xDrive N20 2.0L
BMW F34 335i xDrive N55 3.0L
BMW F36 428i N20 2.0L
BMW F36 428i xDrive N20 2.0L
BMW F36 435i N55 3.0L
BMW F36 435i xDrive N55 3.0L
BMW F80 M3 S55 3.0L
BMW F82 M4 S55 3.0L
BMW F83 M4 S55 3.0L
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