Borla Cat-Back S-Type Sport Exhaust - F12 M6

Unleash the sound of the F13 M6's V8 with this Borla exhaust system! The V8 sounds so nice with this exhaust, you'll wonder why BMW didn't spec it like this from the beginning. If you've felt the sound is too quiet and distant this is the perfect M6 exhaust upgrade. The middle S-Spec exhaust not too loud, not too quiet. It's just right. Borla builds their exhaust with the goal of enhancing the sound - not just making it outrageously loud. In fact, Borla exhausts deliver some of the quietest and most pleasing sounds of all of the aftermarket brands we have seen. This Borla exhaust produces a deep rumble perfectly suited to the V8. It's a throaty sound that any American muscle car fan will appreciate. Yet it manages to be civilized and unobtrusive when needed. This system bolts on after the factory catalytic converters for an easy install. This system features a 3.0" pipe diameter leading into the mufflers (2.25" on exit) with 3.5" tips.

Every Borla is made with 304 stainless steel for the internals and muffler body. Unlike other systems that can use coated aluminum, mild steel, or 409 stainless, the Borla uses true 304 stainless on the inside as well as the outside. This prevents the muffler from rusting and deteriorating from the inside out. Borla guarantees every muffler with a 1,000,000 mile warranty. Turner Motorsport has been the leading Borla dealer for BMW exhausts since we sold our first system in 1996, including using Borla Exhausts on every Turner BMW racecar.

This item fits the following BMWs:
2012+ F12 BMW M6
T#: 221984 | Part#: 140582
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Borla Cat-Back S-Type Sport Exhaust - F12 M6