E46 M3 & Z4 M Supersprint Stepped Header And Straight Pipe Exhaust

19hp gain over factory BMW Euro system; stepped tubularheaders/downpipe with S-pipe (no cats); bolts to the engine with factoryhardware; clamps/slip-fit to Supersprint X-pipe or aftermarket equivalent

Experience the latest design innovation from Supersprintfor the E46 M3 -- 'stepped' design headers. While the technology has been inwidespread use in Formula 1 for awhile, this is the first application of astepped design on the E46 M3. In an engine that is tuned as much as the S54,airflow management is critical in getting big horsepower numbers from theexhaust. The Supersprint design is the next step in innovation in header design.By slightly increasing the size of the pipe diameters as the exhaust systemmoves away from the engine, the exhaust can flow more air. Supersprint's designis tuned specifically for the S54 engine which is important in making more powerwithout losing low-end torque. The headers merge into a precision-fit mergecollector and then exhaust gasesflow into the oversized S-pipe. Our most-popular package is for the steppedheaders with no cats (straight pipe) but cats are available for people who wantto keep their cars somewhat streetable. Total horsepower gain with the completesystem over a US M3 would be more than 30hp.

We also recommend using this system on the M3 with special software.The Shark Injector software has been specifically designed for cars runningheaders but no cats. The software "turns down" the readings from therear O2 sensors and modifies the tolerances for the EGT sensor. Using an exhaustwithout the cats and proper software will surely cause a Check Engine Light. Clickhere for more info on the software.

This part alters or deletes the emissions equipment on your car. Because of this, we require a waiver of emissions compliance to be signed and sent in to TMS. You can download the waiver here.
2001-2006 E46 M3 including M3 ZCP, M3 CSL coupe and convertible (Left Hand Drive Models Only)
2006-2008 Z4 M Roadster & Coupe (Left Hand Drive Models Only)

T#: 2266 | Part#: TMS2266
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E46 M3 & Z4 M Supersprint Stepped Header And Straight Pipe Exhaust