Packaged by Turner Complete Front/Rear CSL Brake Upgrade - E46 M3 34000429573

Complete Front/Rear CSL Brake Upgrade - E46 M3

A complete brake package upgrade for the 2001-2006 BMW E46 M3 coupe and convertible. These are Original BMW brakes from the Euro M3 CSL and US M3 ZCP (Competition Package). Package includes: front and rear rotors, brake calipers, front mounting brackets, pad sensors, and hardware. Make a choice of your brake pads. These are all Original BMW or OEM parts!

When BMW introduced the exclusive M3 CSL in Europe, they equipped the car with larger rotors and special, glossy black calipers. The larger brakes improved overall brake performance on the track and fill out the 19" wheels nicely. BMW equipped the similar M3 Competition Package (ZCP) for the US market. This package is the real deal CSL/ZCP parts and covers both front and rear. A complete and factory brake upgrade!

Part Specs:
Genuine BMW front rotors - cross-drilled and floating - 345x28mm (20mm larger than US)
Genuine BMW rear rotors - cross-drilled and floating - 328x20mm (same size)
Genuine BMW front and rear calipers (gloss black paint)
Genuine BMW front and rear caliper brackets (required for fitting larger front rotors, gloss black paint)
Genuine BMW front and rear brake pads (options available)
Genuine BMW front and rear brake caliper clips
Genuine BMW front and rear pad wear sensors

These are direct fit replacement brakes for your stock US brakes on the E46 M3. The larger rotor pushes the caliper back further so new front brackets are used to re-position the caliper. The calipers and brackets are glossy black for a pleasing appearance. And the front rotors fill in the wheels much better than the stock rotors. We have confirmed these will fit the factory 18" or larger wheels.

Choose from multiple pad options: OEM pads, Axxis Metal Master (less dust), Axxis Ultimate, StopTech, Hawk HP Plus (track/street), Pagid Yellow RS29 (full race), Hawk HT10 (full race), or Hawk Blue (full race).

Stainless steel brake lines are optional with this kit.

All 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006 BMW E46 M3 coupe and convertible (cabrio)
T#: 338106 | Part#: 34000429573
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Pagid Yellow RS29 (Race)
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T#: 341859
Part#: TMS300477KT
Expected Ship Date: Apr 27, 2021
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Stoptech Street Performance (Turner Preferred!)
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T#: 341861
Part#: 309.06830KT1
In Stock
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Genuine BMW - Corporate Logo
T#: 341854
Part#: 34112282995KT
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Hawk HP Plus (Track/Street)
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T#: 341856
Part#: HB464N.764KT
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Hawk HT10 (Race)
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T#: 341857
Part#: HB518S.642KT
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Hawk Blue (Race)
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T#: 341855
Part#: HB518E.642KT
Direct Ship, Expected Ship Date: Apr 23, 2021
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Yes, Add Stainless Brake Lines. (PLBE46M3DCOAT)
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T#: 175
Inventory On Order, ETA Apr 30, 2021
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No Brake Lines Thanks.
Front/Rear Genuine BMW CSL Brake Upgrade
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T#: 2248
Part#: 34000429573
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Complete Front/Rear CSL Brake Upgrade - E46 M3