Bosch Alternator - 140 amp - E36, E36 M3, E34 (M50), MZ3 (S52)

Replacement 140 amp Bosch alternator for the M50, M52, S50 and S52 engine, found in many BMW's between 1992 2000. The 80 amp alternator is the standard size for most 3 series. The 140 amp is an upgrade, deliverying more power to your electrical system, ideal for cars with more electrical items (such as high powered stereo systems, convertible tops, etc). Bosch is an original equipment supplier to BMW, and is the finest and most recognized German brand of alternator available. Buy only the best alternator for your BMW -- buy a Bosch alternator.

Note: this alternator does not come with a pulley. Bosch does not supply any pulley with this during their rebuilds.
If you are replacing an existing 140a alternator, simply re-use your original pulley.
If you are replacing a Bosch alternator of a different amp, measure your existing pulley and confirm it is 55mm in diameter.
If you are replacing a Valeo brand alternator, you will need to also purchase the 55mm alternator pulley from the menu below. Your original Valeo pulley will not work on the new Bosch alternator.

Bosch is one of the largest OEM producers of Genuine BMW and aftermarket parts in the world, providing parts for almost every major automotive manufacturer. Bosch has likely supplied many of the original electrical (and mechanical) parts for your BMW. Thanks to their exacting assembly process and high level of durability you can expect a long service life from all Bosch products.

A $70.00 refundable core charge must be applied to this alternator. Upon receipt of your rebuildable alternator core, you will be refunded the core charge.

This Bosch Alternator fits the following BMWs:
1991-1992 E34 5 Series 525i (with 24 valve M50 engine)
1992-1995 E36 3 Series 6 cylinder - 325i, 325is
1996-1998 E36 3 Series 6 cylinder - 328i, 328is, 323is
1995-1999 E36 M3 all, including M3 3.0 liter and M3 3.2 liter
1998-2000 MZ3 M Roadster (with S52 engine)
1999-2000 MZ3 M Coupe (with S52 engine)

T#: 338549 | Part#: AL0739X
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Bosch Bosch Alternator - 140 amp - E36, E36 M3, E34 (M50), MZ3 (S52) AL0739X
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Bosch Bosch Alternator - 140 amp - E36, E36 M3, E34 (M50), MZ3 (S52) AL0739X
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Bosch Alternator - 140 amp - E36, E36 M3, E34 (M50), MZ3 (S52)