E39 M5 Shark Injector SAI Tuner/Performance Software

  • Unlock LOADS of torque and horsepower in all gears, especially 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
  • Disables SAI fault*
  • Choose between 91 and 93 octane
  • Quicker throttle response in both Sport and non-Sport modes
  • Stock 7000 or Raised 7400 rev limit
  • Top Speed Limiter Removed

Performance software is a  must-have  upgrade on your E39 M5 and you won't find an easier and better software solution than the Shark Injector. Developed by BMW tuning expert Jim Conforti, this device plugs into the car's diagnostic port and flashes new performance files into your car's engine computer (ECU). There's no removal of the ECU and shipping, no cables, no laptop required - only a battery charger! Installation takes just a few minutes and your engine will perform like never before!

The M5 performance software was developed on the dyno to create maximum power and torque using premium 91+ octane fuel and revising the torque limiters in the ECU. The software makes changes to the ECU's maps and algorithms for fuel injection, ignition timing, VANOS and camshaft movement, and transitional fueling. We modify the maps for part throttle and full throttle so you get better response and more torque at all RPM. The stock software artificially limits torque output, especially in the first three gears. We raised the torque limiters in all gears so there is more torque available. You will see an immediate difference as soon as you leave your driveway! Choose between a stock 7,000 or raised 7,400 RPM rev limit. The top speed limiter is removed. By fine tuning these maps we've been able to improve the S62 engine beyond what BMW did by making more power and torque and a smoother-running engine.

Gains of 23 hp @ 6100 rpm and 19 lb/ft torque @ 5000 rpm!!!
We used several E39 M5s on our dyno to establish what the average/typical power numbers are. The dyno charts on the right are from the same car - a 2003 E39 M5 that was already equipped with intakes, mufflers, and running 93 octane. For our Shark Injector dynos we made baseline runs with the stock software and then runs in 3rd gear and 4th gear. The only changes to the car was the Shark Injector software. Why did we post dyno runs in different gears? The 3rd gear run shows the torque gain with the new torque limiters in the software. The 4th gear run is posted to be consistent with the industry-standard of dyno-ing cars in 4th gear. Note: comparing dyno results and wheel horsepower numbers from one shop to another is not advised. What really matters is the gain from stock to modified from the same car on the same dyno.

The Shark Injector plugs into the diagnostic port inside the E39 cabin. With the battery charger supplying power, press the Upgrade button and within minutes the ECU is reflashed with the new performance tune. No other software product on the market comes close to how easy it is to install. You can use the Restore button to re-install the stock BMW software at any time. Detailed instructions are included. Other tuners require you to remove the ECU and ship it to them or use a laptop to read and write a new file. The Shark Injector is ready to install right out of the box! A planned future upgrade will allow you to use the USB port to load different performance files.

* This Shark Injector will disable the flow output of the Secondary Air Injection system (SAI), an infamous flaw that affects all M5s. This software will prevent fault codes and check engine lights due to blockages of the SAI system due to carbon build-up. One of the causes of SAI faults is when the ECU detects low output from the air pump. The Shark software will no longer monitor the output of the pump, therefore the fault will never occur. This software does not disable the air pump altogether (necessary to preserve your catalytic converters) and does not "fix" exisiting SAI performance (you may still need a new air pump). For more information on the M5 SAI system,  read our E39 M5 SAI carbon build-up page by clicking here.

Read what others are saying!(click to expand)RUFM5: "The 93 RACE edition Shark has been very solid in my experience. The air/fuel ratios and power are very smooth and optimal. I also have a wideband gauge and OBD computer to monitor car vitals."
britm3: "Overall, the car feels much sharper in sport and non-sport, the 3rd gear pull really being the highlight for me."
M5CCIE: "Got my 91 octane version installed today. It is worth it's price and much more in my opinion. The car feels much more "eager" and responsive."
Carbon01: "I did the 91Octane TMS/Conforti Shark update last week. I was going to dyno before and after, but didn't have the patience once it arrived. I can say that there is a noticeable difference in 1st thru 3rd. It seems a little more responsive in the higher gears, but not drastic. Transtion from light throttle to full throttle is greatly improved, general drivability is a little better all around and noticeably nicer in Sport."
gt40mki: "I'm glad I bought it-worth every penny-and I'd re-buy again in a heartbeat."
Stika: "Installed the Shark on Friday. I gotta say, the Beast is DEFINITELY quicker. Much stronger on the low end. The drivabilty is much better across the board, at any speed, in any gear. I got the street version with Sport button memory, very nice feature. Don't know what else to add to what has been said already. Worth the purchase to me, I'm very pleased."
Shark Injector Installation Instructions(click to expand)Shark Injector installation instructions
A capable battery charger is required for the installation. The charger provides backup power supply to the regular car battery during installation. It must be capable of holding a continuous 10amp charge for the full installation (15-20 minutes).
The minimum octane fuel for this software is 91.
Shark Injector FAQ(click to expand)Shark Injector FAQ
This part alters or deletes the emissions equipment on your car. Because of this, we require a waiver of emissions compliance to be signed and either e-mailed or faxed to Turner Motorsport before shipping. You can download the waiver here.
This item fits the following BMWs:
1999-2003  E39 BMW  M5

Shark Injector
T#: 338940 | Part#: TMS5507
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E39 M5 Shark Injector SAI Tuner/Performance Software