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Complete Front Upper Control Arm Upgrades - E82, E9X (non-M, non-Xi)

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The upper control arm (also called the tension strut or thrust arm) is the most critical bushing in the front suspension. It's the bushing that takes the bulk of the force from the tire and the one that wears out the easist. The stock non-M rubber bushings are filled with a dampening fluid that absorbs vibration and harsh suspension movements. However, this fluid is prone to leaking leaving you with a significantly weaker bushing. A worn thrust arm bushing will have significant slop and play which will lead to poor and imprecise steering feel, loose handling, and clunking noises. We offer a range of bushing options so you can either restore the original handling and feel or upgrade to a bushing that better suits your needs and expectations. We have put together this selection of stock and upgraded thrust arms so you can make direct comparisons of all of the options out there. Click on the blue banners below for detailed information on each upper control arm option.

Note that BMW recommends replacing the control arms after every other bushing change. The arms should not be used again if the bushings have been replaced once already. Our control arm upgrades are sold as complete packages - a pair of control arms (left and right) with new inner bushings already pressed in, new outer ball joints, and any necessary hardware.

+ Option 1 - Stock Replacement
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This option is the base set of replacement arms, ball joints, and bushings. These are direct replacement fluid-filled bushings that are no different than the parts that came on the car originally. If you want the same ride and handling characteristics as when the car was straight off the showroom, this is the best package for you to buy. Simply install your new parts, have an alignment done, and you're on your way!
Option 1 Package Includes:
  • Left & Right Upper Control Arms with ball joints (31126769797 and 31126769798) aka Thrust Arm, Tension Strut, or Pull Rod.
  • Outer ball joint securing nuts
  • Inner control arm bushings (31120393540)
+ Option 2 - Meyle HD Upgrade
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The Meyle HD arms and bushings are also a direct replacement for the original arms but feature stronger, more durable components. The Meyle HD outer ball joint is much larger and a higher-grade material than the factory spec. The larger ball joint will last longer and the dust boot is stronger as well to keep out moisture and gritty contaminants. The inner HD bushing is a solid rubber piece instead of the fluid-filled stock bushings. It's also stiffer and deflects less to give a more sporty and crisp handling, and sharper steering. All alignment specs remain as per factory.
Option 2 Package Includes:
  • Meyle HD Left & Right Upper Control Arms with HD ball joints (31126769797MY and 31126769798MY) aka Thrust Arm, Tension Strut, or Pull Rod.
  • Outer ball joint securing nuts
  • Meyle HD inner control arm bushings (31120304308MY)
+ Option 3 - OEM M3 Upgrade
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The M3 control arm upgrade is for people who want a very serious change in the ride/handling of the car. These are the factory OEM E9X M3 upper control arms so the ride will not be much different than a standard M3. But it is a very large jump compared to the stock E9X arms and bushings since they are not fluid-filled and harder rubber compound than the stock or Meyle HD bushings. These are a direct replacement to the original arms and do not require any modification to install and will not change the alignment settings. But for the best results, we recommend only using these with the M3 lower control arms (wishbones).
Option 3 Package Includes:
  • OEM M3 Left & Right Upper Control Arms with ball joints (31102283575 and 31102283576) aka Thrust Arm, Tension Strut, or Pull Rod.
  • Outer ball joint securing nuts
  • OEM M3 inner control arm bushings (31102283579)
+ Option 4 - Turner Sealed Monoball
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One step beyond the M3 bushings in terms of performance are these monoball bearing bushings developed by Turner Motorsport. These were developed for our street project E90s with feedback from a similar setup on our E90 and E92 racecars. But for this application we chose a sealed monoball with an inner liner to isolate the added noise, vibration, and harshness that a full solid monoball bearing will have. Our monoball thrust arm bushings are more at home on the street than other kits that are advertised as race bushings. The advantage of the monoball bearing is that it will not deflect under load. The rubber bushings move in all sorts of directions and that changes your alignment, especially when used with big brake kits or when driven hard. Our monoball sits in a CNC machined aluminum housing which has zero deflection. The monoball allows complete freedom of movement but only at the desired angles. What you get is superior steering precision, better handling from more consistent alignment, and longer bushing life. And thanks to the inner liner and sealed rubber boots there's none of the extra noise or reduced service life of fully solid race bushings.
Option 4 Package Includes:
  • Left & Right Upper Control Arms with ball joints (31102283575 and 31102283576) aka Thrust Arm, Tension Strut, or Pull Rod.
  • Outer ball joint securing nuts
  • Turner inner control arm monoball bushings (TSUE9080QIS)

These Upper Control Arms will fit the following BMWs:
2008-2012 E82 BMW 128i 135i
2006-2011 E90 BMW 325i 328i 330i 335d 335i - Sedan
2006-2011 E91 BMW 328i - Wagon
2007-2012 E92 BMW 328i 335i 335is - Coupe
2007-2012 E93 BMW 328i 335i - Convertible

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This Part Fits the Following BMWs

Make Model Submodel Engine
BMW E82 128i N52 3.0L
BMW E82 135i N54 3.0L
BMW E82 135i N55 3.0L
BMW E88 128i N52 3.0L
BMW E88 135i N54 3.0L
BMW E88 135i N55 3.0L
BMW E90 325i N52 3.0L
BMW E90 328i N52 3.0L
BMW E90 330i N52 3.0L
BMW E90 335d M57 3.0L
BMW E90 335i N54 3.0L
BMW E90 335i N55 3.0L
BMW E91 328i N52 3.0L
BMW E92 328i N52 3.0L
BMW E92 335i N54 3.0L
BMW E92 335i N55 3.0L
BMW E92 335is N54 3.0L
BMW E93 328i N52 3.0L
BMW E93 335i N54 3.0L
BMW E93 335i N55 3.0L
BMW E93 335is N54 3.0L
*The above product applications have been written by Turner Motorsport. All warranties, product application, fitment, and performance are the responsibility of Turner Motorsport. For additional information see the terms of use.
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