Honest Wash Sample Package

Honest Wash offer's a line of samples for you to try, and we know you wont be disappointed!

Samples include:

  • Active Wax 2oz- High quality spray wax.
  • Brake Dust Professional Wheel Cleaner 2oz- Touch-free wheel cleaner
  • Bug Delete 2oz- Bug, tar, and tree sap remover.
  • Car Show Prep 2oz- Quick detail spray.
  • Cross Dressing 2oz- Multipurpose dressing for dashboards, rubber, vinyl, & more.
  • Glass Perfect 2oz- Streak-free, tint safe glass cleaner.
  • Grease Lightning 2oz- Multipurpose degreaser.
  • Tire Love 2oz- Long lasting tire shine.
  • Fat Foamer 8oz- High foaming car wash soap designed for foam cannons or sprayers.
  • HyperMint Wash 8oz- Invigorating car wash soap featuring a blend of mint aromas.
  • Mud Cutter 8oz- Powerful car wash soap designed to remove dirt, clay, and mud buildups
Honest Wash
T#: 392974 | Part#: HWKT-19
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Honest Wash Sample Package