Braille Performance GreenLite Lithium-ION Battery w/ Charger - G20 - 4.5lbs

When building a car for the track, one of the most important factors to consider is weight. Stock batteries can weigh up to almost 50 pounds and are unnecessarily large, designed to power a host of systems not normally used in a track car (radios, lighting, etc.). What can you do to cut weight the weight without affecting your cars operation? This is where Braille Battery comes in with their long line of performance lightweight battery options! Designed to provide the highest cranking power possible while being up to 75% lighter, Braille Battery is one of the foremost leaders in automotive racing batteries with nothing but high quality, high output batteries in mind!

The G20 lithium battery from Braille is designed for small displacement 4 and 6 cylinder engine vehicles and is the smallest, lightest, most cost effective lithium upgrade on the market. Incorporated in this battery is the same technology used in their race winning batteries used by nearly every OEM developer in classes ranging from SCCA to Formula 1. The G20 battery has been used in the Pro Mazda cars in the Mazda Road to Indy series for the last 3 years and is still running strong, replacing the traditional PC680s that often failed to start hot rotary engines. This battery is the same size as the PC680, but is 1/3rd the weight and has double the cranking power!

This package include a charger for the battery that is specifically designed to charge the battery at the best rate to prevent potential damage from overcharging.

Why upgrade to lithium? 

Braille Lithium delivers a higher, cleaner voltage which improves the performance of every electrical component and has shown to provide:

  • Quicker starting (a full volt higher than lead and less voltage drop during cranking)
  • Improved engine management & data logging performance (more stable voltage)
  • Less horsepower draw from the alternator due to efficient charging (5 times faster than lead),
  • Lasts 3-5 times longer (especially under the harshest environments),
  • Much more reliable (less than 1% failure rate)
  • Significant weight savings. (up to 1/4 the weight)
  • Don’t self-discharge, so if the battery is disconnected (no draw or via power disconnect switch), they can sit for over a year and still have over 13 volts to start the vehicle.

To get all these benefits in one simple step makes it a very cost effective upgrade!!

Physical Specifications:

  • BCI Group: 20L
  • Weight: 4.5lbs / 2.04kg
  • Length: 7.1" / 180mm
  • Width: 2.98" / 76mm
  • Height: 6.25" / 159mm
  • Polarity: Right Side Positive

Performance Specifications:

  • Voltage:  12
  • Full Charge Voltage:  13.8
  • Pulse Cranking Amps (PCA):  697
  • Amp Hour (AH):  12
  • Lithium Amp Hour/Lead-Acid Equivalent (LAH/PbEq):  36
  • Reserve Capacity (RC):  28

*Due to low capacity of this lightweight battery, if the vehicle is not driven on a regular basis, a lithium charger must be used to keep the battery fully charged or a power disconnect switch used to keep the battery from being drawn down. Do not use a standard lead charger on a lithium battery.

*THIS BATTERY REQUIRES A CUSTOM MOUNTING SOLUTION. The size and wight are significantly smaller than a stock battery and will not be held in place by the stock battery mount*

When installing a lithium battery in a BMW that requires the battery to be coded in, Braille recommends setting the battery code to the lowest/smallest AGM battery setting possible.

T#: 558045 | Part#: G20C
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Braille Performance GreenLite Lithium-ION Battery w/ Charger - G20 - 4.5lbs