Packaged by Turner Street Performance Pack - 2002 2002perfpackKT

Street Performance Pack - 2002

This kit was carefully chosen by the experts here at ECS Tuning to improve the performance of your classic BMW without impacting reliability or breaking the bank! A hot street cam, an exhaust header, and an underdrive pulley from Ireland Engineering are combined to increase horsepower - but not at the expense of driveability! Comes with everything needed to install, all for well under a grand!

Kit Includes:

  • Ireland Engineering 292' Camshaft
  • 4 oz. of Red Line assembly lube
  • New valve cover gasket
  • Ireland Engineering valve cover studs & nuts
  • Ireland Engineering shorty exhaust headers
  • New exhaust manifold gaskets
  • Ireland Engineering exhaust manifold studs and nuts
  • Ireland Engineering 4" crankshaft pulley
  • New fan belt
T#: 567014 | Part#: 2002perfpackKT
This product is no longer available for purchase.
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Street Performance Pack - 2002