MTC Brake Pad Sensor (Overall Length 840 mm) - E36 Z3

Your brake pad wear sensors send the signal to your dashboard alert light when the pads start to wear thin. This keeps your rotors in good shape and prevents premature wear from over-worn pads. When it comes time to replace your brake pads, make sure you have the proper sensors for replacement. This replacement brake pad sensor is the perfect compliment to new pads. Some pads do not come with sensors, so a replacement brake pad wear sensor is needed. Replace all of your pads and sensors to give your braking like-new performance. A quality part from MTC offers you a budget friendly replacement. If it's time to replace your pads and sensors, then you should also replace your rotors to get maximum braking performance. With a new pad and rotor set on your vehicle, stopping will be completely restored. Enjoy the stopping you liked when you first obtained your vehicle. With new pads and rotors, you need to make sure they are bedded and mated with each other. Check online for the proper bedding procedure to ensure long life and quality braking.
T#: 591107 | Part#: 34351182533
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MTC Brake Pad Sensor (Overall Length 840 mm) - E36 Z3