Turner Motorsport High-Flow Catted Downpipe - F2X F3X N20

Factory downpipes and their catalysts are a choke point for exhaust gases. This restriction slows turbocharger spool and reduces efficiency, and has a significant impact on power. When modifying their N20, most enthusiasts quickly find OEM downpipes offer insufficient performance as power levels are increased, resulting in disappointing results from other modifications. While some find catless downpipes to be the answer, their benefits are increasingly failing to outweigh the downsides when used on the street. Exhaust volume is increased (combined with a full exhaust may be too much for sensitive ears), check engine lights are frequently illuminated, and emissions are greatly increased (a problem for the environment and in passing emissions testing). Turner engineers designed downpipes that met a happy compromise - excellent flow with high performance 48-state legal catalytic converters. By utilizing cats, these downpipes offer much lower emissions than catless products (and in many cases, no check engine light), with little sacrifice to performance versus their catless counterparts. Features: OE fitment Full 304 Stainless Steel with Tig welded construction 200 cell 5" OD metallic hi-flow catalytic converter Flows 30% more than the factory downpipe Lower boost threshold and improved turbo response
T#: 598703 | Part#: 022518TMS09
For vehicles with the N20 engine only - will NOT work with the N26 SULEV Engines!
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Turner Motorsport High-Flow Catted Downpipe - F2X F3X N20