BMW Natural Air Starter Kit - Lavablack

Upgrade your driving experience with one of BMW's new premium Natural Air air freshener start kits! This kit includes one "lavablack" colored holder and one Sparkling Raindrops scent stick which fit perfectly into your BMW's air vent. The scent intensity can be adjusted via an integrated slide control. Not a fan of BMW's Sparkling Raindrops scent? Choose from a total of 6 unique scents to customize your interior! Additional refill sticks in one of the following 6 scents: 83122463057 - Vitalizing Woods 83122285679 - Sparkling Raindrops 83122463058 - Harmonizing Flowers 83122463054 - Purifying Green Tea 83122463055 - Energizing Tonic 83122463056 - Balancing Amber
T#: 603488 | Part#: 83125A07EC3
Part#: 83-12-5-A07-EC3
Part#: 83 12 5 A07 EC3
27.32 $27.32
BMW Natural Air Starter Kit - Lavablack