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BMW E28 Schrick Performance Camshafts

BMW E28 Schrick Performance Camshafts BMW engines are tuned for top-end power - over 4,500 RPM. If you want to maximize the power available you need to change the camshafts. Schrick is a German performance cam manufacturer renowned for their camshaft tuning and engineering. These are top-of-the-line camshafts from a supplier to some of the world's top automotive brands. AVL-Schrick provides tuning and prototyping to some of the most potent and exclusive performance cars in the world and they have long been the source for BMW performance cams. Installing higher lift/longer duration cams improves engine breathing at higher RPM ranges. By opening the valves faster and for longer periods of time you can let more air in. With the proper fuel and timing you can gain a lot more horsepower. Special tuning and setup is generally required to take advantage of the new dynamics. Schrick cams are direct replacements for the stock cams and usually bolt-in with no additional modification or parts required. In some cases, valvetrain upgrades such as springs and retainers are recommended. Turner Motorsport is a direct Schrick distributor for the North American market. Contact us for all of your Schrick needs!
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Schrick Camshaft - E24 633/635, E28 533/535 E34 535i - 284-deg German-made Original Schrick performance camshaft for M30 engines in 1984-up E24 635CSi, E28 533i/535i / 535is, and the E34 535i. This camshaft has a bit more duration and higher lift than the stock cam for improved top-end performance.

Cam Specs
Cam Lift
(Valve Lift)
I/E (mm)
Duration CRA
Peak Timing
Valve Timing
Valve lift
at TDC
I / E (mm)
I / E (mm)
valve springs
284/280/11032-72 70-301.9 / 1.70.25 / 0.251982-1984: 000202090
1985-1993: 005602022 (inner)
005602062 (outer)

BMW Schrick Technical Specs Schrick Technical Information / Specs

Note: this camshaft is designed to work on the "bolt-on" style distributor rotor. Some cars produced before 1985 with the "slide-on" style rotor require adaptor #11311288027.

1984-1989 E24 633CSi, 635CSi
1984-1988 E28 533i 535i, 535is
1989-1993 E34 535i
Part #: 002201840-04
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