Turner BMW E46 330i ZHP Project Car

** Updated 03/25/2015 **

After two Speed Touring Car Championships, years of successful racing in Grand Am Cup, and tuning countless E46's for the street, Turner Motorsport decided to build a Championship Motorsport Edition E46 330i ZHP. The goal was to build a great dual purpose car that all of our customers could appreciate. Starting with the rare ZHP Performance Package we focused our efforts under the skin - upgrades to the engine, and driveline, exhaust, suspension and wheels, and brakes.


We love the response and power delivery of the ZHP I6. But to really come alive, we decided to shorten our gears slightly with a 3.64 limited slip. This put us in the meat of the powerband more quickly and more often, at the expense of running a few hundred RPMs higher on the highway, and probably a few MPG's less as well. But this car isn't about fuel economy, is it? With the gearing changed, every other modification we did felt much more noticeable. A full SuperSprint exhaust and aFe intake gave us the sound we really wanted to hear and loosened up at least 35 hp when all combined. That's a great gain on an NA car! Still, we knew we would want more power considering these were just the basic power bolt-ons so far. Next, we experimented with cams and settled on Shrick 264 degree intake/248 degree exhaust cams. This equals a 10.5mm lift on the intake and 10mm on the exhaust valves. This gave us a mid-high RPM boost and doesn't require any software changes. Hard to believe we had done no internal engine modifications up until this point. We also strapped in a longer drive belt and larger accessory pulleys, which