BMW 3 Series E30 (1984-1991) Parts & Accessories

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BMW 3 Series E30 (1984-1991) Parts

When it began production in 1983, the E30 was set to replace the E21 as the second ever 3-Series as a relatively affordable all-in-one package that would give BMW owners an enjoyable car to drive as well as a convenient one to own. After that initial run of exclusively low-output four and six cylinder engines, the E30 immediately gained popularity as an all-around "perfect" car thanks to its lightweight, incredibly rigid, and evenly balanced chassis design. Later in its production run, the E30 came into its own as BMW responded to the resounding success of its early model by offering the car as a coupe, convertible, sedan, touring, and other special variants. Known as God's Chariot, the E30 is still a relevant model today on the street and track. That's why we have gathered everything you need in one place, exclusively tailored for your E30, so you can easily maintain or improve your car with our selections right here on this page.