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Turner Motorsport E9X M3 Project Cars

2008 E90 M3
2011 E92 M3 Frozen Grey
2013 E92 M3 Lime Rock Edition

Turner M3 Project Car #1

  2008 E90 M3 Alpine White Sedan

On the strength of winning 5 championships in the last 5 years, Turner Motorsport began development on the E90 and E92 platform in late 2007. After many succesful years campaigning the E46 and E46 M3 chassis in both the Speed World Challenge and Grand Am Cup race series (and the E36 chassis before that), work began on the future general Turner Motorsport race and street car programs.



Naturally, we were first in line to acquire one of the first of the latest generation V8 M3s, selecting a white E90 chassis M3 sedan.

Why a sedan and not a coupe?
We've always thought of the M3 as a "touring car", probably stemming from the glory days of Touring Car racing, back when E36 320i sedans ruled a mixed field of assorted production cars, many of which were 4 door sedans. Starting around that point, the sedans have seemed to possess a certain extra charm, reminiscent of the throw-back Touring Car days, with an extra street car "cool factor". If that isn't a good enough explanation, we also have reason to believe this latest 4 door M3 has better aerodynamics than the coupe, due to the rear windshield configuration.

Having an E90 M3 here on hand means we have instant access at all times to develop our own new products, as well as the ability to test fit newly released offerings from our trusted vendors. Not only does this mean a more rapid delivery of new products to the market, but it means a higher degree of knowledge as well as better product quality control. Why would you want to buy parts for your "new" M3 from a company that doesn't own one to develop and test their products on? This is all just part of our commitment to our customers.

Here you'll find information, articles, and all of the performance parts, modifications and enhancements we have made to our E90 M3. You'll also find photos, galleries, and video clips of our M3 as we capture them (coming soon!). Check back often, as we'll be doing extensive work on this M3.

The Gallery:

Turner M3 Project Car #2

  2011 E92 M3 Frozen Gray Coupe

Continuing our passion for all things BMW, Turner Motorsport was the first customer in the US to receive one of thirty 2011 E92 M3s finished in "Frozen Gray" flat paint. This option was made available through BMW's Individual Program and included the Competition Package, Premium Package, Technology Package, the M-DCT transmission, and special Fox Red and black interior colors and trim.

What are our plans for this car? You'll have to stay tuned to this site where we hope to have all kinds of unique Frozen Gray upgrades as well as other tuning and enhancements for this special model.

Check out our newest edition to the Frozen Gray M3. The KW DDC Coilovers with iPhone App. This is an awesome setup. Find more information click here

The Goods:

click for more

KW DDC iPhone-Adjustable Coil Overs
  • Adjust front or rear shock damping settings from our iPhone, iPad, or iPod,
  • Ride-height adjustable coil overs, lowering up to 35mm,
  • Stiffer springs for less bodyroll and better handling,

  • click for more

    Forgeline 20" ZX3P Wheel Set
  • Forgeline ZX3P Wheels - 20x9.5" fronts, 20x11" rear
  • Continental DW Max Performance tires
  • Forgeline wheels are custom made to any size and offset and finish you desire. Contact our sales team for the perfect wheel for your M3.

  • click for more

    M3 GT4 Carbon Fiber Replica Splitter
  • Exact replica of the splitter used on the M3 GT4
  • Full carbon fiber construction
  • Integrated brake ducts for adding brake cooling

  • click for more

    Akrapovic Evolution Titanium Exhaust
  • Full titanium - very light weight
  • Used by BMW Motorsport
  • Amazing sound!

  • click for more

    Turner Stage 2 'Race' Software
  • Works with Akrapovic Evolution exhaust or Turner Test Pipes
  • Power and Torque gains at all RPM
  • Improved response and driveability

  • The Gallery:

    Turner M3 Project Car #3

       2013 E92 M3 Lime Rock Park Edition

    Celebrating BMW's long and enormously successful history at Lime Rock Park is what inspired BMW North America to introduce this special model. Dating back to BMW's modern-day racing program the company has had an envious record at the Connecticut racetrack - since 1997 a BMW product has either won, finished on the podium, or scored the pole positon for every headlining event at Lime Rock. And Turner Motorsport has been right there carrying the torch with 7 wins in a twelve year span, including 4 in a row from 2004-2007.

    What are our plans for this car? There are multiple routes we can take with this car. With its Fire Orange paint and black trim it's tempting to create a M3 GTS replica with the stroker motor and build a killer track car. On the other hand this is a limited production model and it may be in the car's best interest to keep it factory-spec and focus our upgrades on simple bolt-on parts that make a difference.

    Click here for our Lime Rock M3 page to learn more about this special car and the upgrade path we have chosen.

    E90 M3 and E92 M3 Video Media

    TMS E90 M3 Plays with a J-Stock E30 M3 Race Car

    watch in HD

    TMS E90 M3 Dyno: Test Pipes & Stage 2 Software

    watch in HD

    BMW Motorsport M3 GT4 Imported for a TMS Customer

    E90 M3, E92 M3, E93 M3 Performance Parts


    click to enlarge

    H&R Sport Springs for E90/E92 M3  (2008+)
    This spring set will help firm up what many consider to be a fairly "soft" stock suspension (at least for a BMW "M" car). They will also make a subtle and noticeable visual improvement to the E92 M3's stance, reducing the perceived fender gap of the stock ride height by 1.0" front, and 0.6" rear over the stock suspension. Click here to order.

    click to enlarge

    H&R Sport Plus Spring Sets for E90/E92 M3 (2008+)
    Looking for something beyond the regular Sport springs for the track? We had H&R build us Turner-specific track-tuned springs that are stiffer than the regular H&R Sports. We get less bodyroll and weight transfer thanks to the stiffer spring rate and these work even better on the track with the factory EDC shocks. These springs drop the ride height the same amount as the regular Sport springs. These are perfect for someone who wants to keep their EDC but want something more capable for driver's schools or open lap days and doesn't mind a less compliant ride on the street. Click here to order.

    click to enlarge

    E9X M3 Bilstein Sport Strut/Shock Package
    Bilstein has released a set of non-EDC struts and shocks to go along with a set of sport springs such as our H&R sport spring set, or Eibach, etc. Bilstein's Sport shocks are designed for lowered suspensions where additional travel is needed to keep from bottoming out. Bilstein's use digressive valving which is stiff on slow wheel movements (highway, autocross) and soft on fast movements (bumps), giving a very balanced and comfortable ride. These shocks replace the factory EDC shocks or work without EDC.
    Click here to order.

    click to enlarge

    E9X M3 H&R Sport Coil Over Kit
    H&R's coil overs for the E90/E92/E93 M3 feature Made In Germany craftsmanship combined with extensive road testing to produce a very capable and comfortable adjustable suspension for the M3. H&R uses Bilstein internal components combined with sport-type springs to give a well-controlled ride. Click here to order.

    click to enlarge

    E9X M3 Bilstein PSS10 Coil Over Kit
    Bilstein's legendary engineering and quality has been focused on the adjustable coil over kit for the E90/E92/E93 M3. This PSS10 kit features 10-position adjustable shocks built into a height- adjustable shock body. This kit can be tuned every which way - for daily driving or heavy autocross or track use. The PSS10 is our favorite kit for street drivers who wanted an edge. Click for more info.


    click to enlarge

    APEX EC-7 18x9.5" ET22 Profile 3
    While our 18x10" Forgeline wheels and Continental slick tires make an excellent track set, we wanted to test the limits of fitment for street use. We set up our LRP M3 with some new satin black Apex EC-7 wheels with some meaty and aggressive 18x9.5" front wheels on 255/40 tires and 18x11.0" rear wheels on 295/35 tires. The 9.5" front with a +22mm offset fits perfectly and gives the front end much higher levels of grip. But we're at the limit of wheel width and offset so we had to restrict tire sizing to the 255.

    click to enlarge

    APEX EC-7 18x11" ET25 Profile 3
    In the rear we chose the widest wheel currently in Apex's catalog - an 18x11.0 with a +25mm offset. Apex has done a tremendous amount of fitment development and created this super-wide wheel with the correct offset to fit under the E92 M3 bodywork. Even with our track-ready H&R springs there hasn't been any hint of rubbing or contact anywhere on the body. It's an amazing fit!! For our fitment testing we chose a modest 275 tire to fit to these 11 inchers. Under normal staggered circumstances we would use a 295 or 305 tire.
    APEX wheels are available in multiple colors, sizes, and offsets. To see all of our APEX Wheels and more,
    click over to our High Performance Wheels page.

    click to enlarge

    click to enlarge

    Forgeline GZ3R Competition Track Wheel Package
    We waste no time getting our M3s on the track, where we could stretch their (long) legs and get some test time in on our enhancements. After our street tires were spent, it was time to find the ideal Track Wheel & Tire package -- and we did just that. The end result is a lightweight and extremely strong forged package that can be rotated (something you can't do with stock wheels) and allows the use of 275 width Hoosiers or BF Goodrich R compounds. Our friends at Forgeline helped us find the ideal wheel and offset, so that we could maximize the tire size (front and rear), and still maintain clearance (without rubbing or a "funny looking" stance). This package includes 4 genuine Forgeline race wheels -- the same you'll find on our Grand Am Cup KONI Challenge cars. So you can be sure these are the finest wheels for the extreme conditions of driving the E9X M3 on track. This package is 24 lbs lighter than a set of stock wheels!

    GZ3R Competition Wheels - Non-staggered / rotatable, built to order (Made in USA) in your choice of many custom finishes.

    Front & Rear: 18x10" 5x120mm - 275/35/18 tire

    Click for info on E90/E92 M3 track wheels & tires.

    click to enlarge

    E9x M3 Competition Package Wheel Set 
    A set of 19" Genuine BMW Competition Package wheels (Style 359) for the 2008+ E9X M3, including E90 M3 sedan, E92 M3 coupe, and E93 M3 convertible. These are the real deal, authentic BMW wheels, as come on the 2011 M3 Competition Package (option code "ZCP"). This wheel set includes 2 19x9.0 front wheels (ET31) and 2 19x10 rear wheels (ET25). These wheels offer factory-perfect fitment, amazing looks and ultra-strong design and manufacturing. Click here to order.

    click to enlarge

    E9x M3 GTS Genuine BMW Wheel Set 
    The ultra-high performance M3 GTS in Europe has a special set of Competition wheels finished in satin black. They are the same size and offset as the factory Competition Wheels so fitment is spot on. But the black paint will really set your M3 apart. The result is an aggressive and eye-catching contrast that sets your car apart from everything else. These are the real thing, Genuine BMW from the European M3 GTS!
    Wheel Specs:
    Front: 19x9.0 / ET31
    Rear: 19x10.0 / ET25
    Click here to order.

    click to enlarge

    Turner and H&R Wheel Spacers
    We are one of the best sources for BMW wheel spacers anywhere! We have years of experience in the use and fitment of spacers - we even design and manufacture our own! We have spacers for: correcting wheel offset problems, stance/appearance, brake caliper clearance, suspension clearance, and any other fitment issue that requires moving the wheel. Check out our Turner and H&R spacers for the best sizing, fitment solutions, extended wheel bolts, stud conversions, and more!
    For EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about wheel spacers, click here.
    Click for our E90/E92 wheel spacers.


    click to enlarge

    click to enlarge

    E90/E92 M3 Performance Engine Software

    STAGE 1 (Street) Our performance engine software optimizes timing and vanos to increase horse power at the wheels by 17hp as well as increasing torque by 16 lb/ft. We also remove the top speed limiter and, if you choose, we can increase the stock 8300 rpm rev limit by +300 rpm for a new rev limit of 8600. This software is a reflash of your ECU's programming.

    For info on our Stage 1 (Street) Software, Click here.

    STAGE 2 (Race) By removing the restrictive factory front catalysts from our M3's exhaust manifolds, and running our own custom tuned Stage 2 software, we added 40hp @ 8000 rpm and 32 lb/ft torque @ 3000 rpm... AT THE WHEELS! This was a dramatic addition of power, immediately noticeable on both the dyno as well as from the driver's seat. As removing or disabling emissions equipment is FEDERALLY PROHIBITED, this particular software is for OFF-ROAD / RACING USE ONLY!. If you are looking for software for use on public roads, please view our Stage 1 (Street) Software instead.

    For info on our Stage 2 (Race) Software, Click here.

    click to enlarge

    E9x M3 Power Pulley Kit 
    The new M3 V8 engine doesn't use a harmonic balancer, like previous generation M3s, which opened up the possibility for easy auxiliary underdriving by replacing the crank pulley. Our Power Pulley reduces rotational mass and safely under drives your belt driven auxiliaries for reduced parasitic power loss. Special care and time was spent to produce the perfect balance between best power gains, and best reliably. The end result was this pulley kit, which offers NO DOWNSIDES and the best (safe) amount of extra power to your M3's rear wheels. We've installed these pulleys on many of our customer's M3s, and found that this pulley alone adds 10 to 14 HP and 7 to 9 Ft/lbs of Torque on a stock M3 with no other mods(!!). Click here to order.

    click to enlarge

    Sprint Booster Drive-by-Wire Enhancement
    A common complaint on all BMWs produced after 2001 is the throttle response feeling sluggish or delayed. This slow delivery of throttle is caused by the Drive-by-Wire throttle system, which electronically interprets your inputs on the throttle pedal and tells the motorized throttle what to do. The Sprint Booster is a simple in-line module that plugs into the gas pedal wiring harness, and instantly improves the throttle response allowing you to get power quicker without the apparent hesitation. We simply love the way this makes the throttle come to life on our M3 and personal BMWs. Installation is very simple, and results are immediately noticeable. Click for more info.


    click to enlarge

    aFe Performance Replacement Air Filter
    This is a drop-in stock replacement aFe performance air filter that installs into teh E9X M3's factory airbox. aFe produces two performance filter types: dry and oiled. The dry filters require almost no special maintenance and flow better than the stock paper filter. The oiled filters use cotton gauze impregnated with oil to trap dirt and dust. The oiled filters flow the best and give the best performance gains but do require more cleaning and re-oiling maintenance.
    Click here for more info.

    click to enlarge

    aFe Stage 2 Performance Intake Kit
    The latest generation M3 V8 engine benefits greatly from improving the intake system. The high-revving V8 is gasping for fresh, cool, dense air to assist in combustion. Reduce the power-robbing drag and decrease intake air temperatures on your E90/E92/E93 M3 intake system by eliminating the stock BMW M3 airbox. This AFE engineered intake system is designed to flow the most air (+85% over stock) with the least amount of restriction, dyno tested to make meaningful power and torque gains. On our dyno we saw a 15hp and 13ft-lbs gain at the wheels with this system.
    Click here for for more info, including dyno chart.

    click to enlarge

    Gruppe M Carbon Fiber Intake System for E9x M3
    GruppeM RAM AIR SYSTEMS epitomize the GruppeM philosophy of attention to detail. By replacing the factory air handling systems, increased airflow streams into the combustion chamber. On the GruppeM intake for the BMW M3 (E90/E92, 2008-2013), the factory ductwork is replaced with heat-shielding carbon fiber with enhanced inlets to capture the maximum amount of air. Lower intake air temperatures carry higher concentrations of oxygen, allowing for more energetic explosions and producing more horsepower and torque. Of course, reliability is never sacrificed -- high-efficiency, high-flow K&N air filter materials prevent contaminants from interfering with proper engine function.
    These intakes are hand made in Japan and take 2-4 weeks for delivery..
    Click here for more info.


    click to enlarge

    E90/E92 M3 Test Pipes
    These pipes were designed specifically for race/track use only, and offer a cost effective means of removing the very restrictive front catalytic converters on 2008+ E9x M3. They allow you to make two single cuts to your stock midpipe section, removing the catalytic converters, and clamping the largest possible diameter straight pipe in their place using the provided high-end/premium exhaust clamps. This eliminates the largest source of exhaust restriction, unleashing AMAZING power gains and a very obvious improvement in acceleration. When combined with the (above) Stage II Race Software, these pipes make 40hp @ 8000 rpm and 32 lb/ft @ 3000 rpm. This are sold FOR OFF ROAD USE ONLY and are intended strictly for track/racing use only. A signed waiver acknowledging that this product will not be used on the street is required prior to shipment. Click here to order.

    click to enlarge

    E90/E92 M3 Supersprint Sport Exhaust  
    Our Project M3 used the Supersprint Sport Muffler system, which includes left and right mufflers and the Supersprint connecting pipe (to bolt to the OEM center pipe). This system fits all 2008 and newer E90 and E92 M3 coupe & sedan. On the sedan, the exhaust tips extend out an extra inch than they do on sedan, due to the shape of the rear bumper. This system is also compatible with the Supersprint X-pipe, which eliminates the stock center resonator.  Click here to order.

    click to enlarge

    E90/E92/E93 M3 Akrapovic Titanium Exhaust  
    This is the hottest performance exhaust to hit the BMW market in recent memory. Akrapovic is a manufacturer of exhausts for sport bikes and sports cars. They are the suppliers for the exhaust used on the E92 M3 GT4 racecar and TMS is proud to offer their full line for the US market. This exhaust system is made from super-light weight titanium and sounds awesome! These exhausts are offered in direct slip-on or full race versions. Click here for more. 

    click to enlarge

    E90/E92/E93 M3 Corsa Cat-Back Exhaust 
    The UUC/Corsa exhaust for the E9X M3 is a full stainless, cat-back exhaust system that kicks the V8 sound up a few notches. This tuned system includes the rear mufflers but also drone-cancelling resonators. The sound from the American-made Corsa exhaust is a throaty rumble. A little bit of American V8 rumble mixed with German finesse. This is a very high-quality exhaust that is a great complement to the M3 V8. Click here to order.


    click to enlarge

    Pagid RS19 Track/Race Compound Pads
    When we brought our E90 M3 to the track, factory pads just wouldn't do and we opted for Pagid's RS19 race compound brake pads. This pad compound is not suitable for street cars, and is only for track-only usage. The RS19 Compound was based on Pagid's classic RS14 compound for endurance racing and has a slightly reduced friction value than the RS14 for better modulation & controllability. Offering outstanding wear rate (for both the pad and rotor), this compound is capable of sustained temps up to 600C (1,100F) and has been used to win many races (including Daytona 24h, Le Mans 24h, Sebring 12h, Nürburgring 24h) -- often with no pad change, and usually no rotor change! These are for race/track use ONLY, and are not suitable for the street. Click here to order.

    click to enlarge

    E9X M3 StopTech Stainless Brake Line Set
    These braided stainless steel lines for the E9X M3 improve the performance and safety of your M3's braking system. They are DOT and German TUV approved, feature a resilient coating to protect against wear and chafing, and offer tremendous quality at a phenomenal price. These brake lines are made by renowned brake experts, Stoptech, a supplier to the TMS Racing team, and are ready for the rigors of daily street driving, driving schools, autocross and race events. Click here to order.


    click to enlarge

    BMW Performance Steering Wheel
    (For All 1 Series and E9x 3 Series - E90/E91/E92/E93)
    Hands down, the coolest, most advanced BMW steering wheel ever produced! The computerized BMW Performance steering wheel has lots of tricks up it's sleave, including built in progressive LED shift light indicators, a lap timer (with programmable track sections), G-force display (both lateral & forward g's), and coolant & oil temp displays. It has two "hidden" buttons, both located at the thumb positions for controlling the wheels internal functions. Click here to order

    click to enlarge

    Turner Edition P3Cars Integrated Vent Gauge - E9X 328i, 335i, M3 2008-2012
    The P3Cars Vent Integrated Digital Interface (vidi) is the data display you've always wanted. It simply plugs in to the OBD communication port - no modifications or re-wiring needed at all! Pop out your stock air vent, run the data cables through the dash, plug in the cable, reinstall the vent with the new display and you're done! The P3 gauge reads and interprets data available from the OBD port and displays it in realtime. Data that was previously only available with advanced factory diagnostic tools is now literally at your fingertips.

    Click here to order.


    click to enlarge

    E90 Genuine BMW Black-line Tail Lights 
    Originally made for the non-M E90 3 series, we were happy to find out these also fit E90 M3 sedan as well! These E90 tail lights have a a clear lens, with black trimmed lamps giving  them a lightly smoked look and further setting our M3 apart from other E90's. Genuine BMW, so you know they are the highest quality. We include silver coated bulbs for the turn signals, this helps eliminate that "Fried Egg" look you get when using normal yellow bulbs. This is a 4 piece kit, which includes the two outer tail light lamps and the 2 inner parts which mount to the trunk lid. Click here to order.

    Genuine BMW Competition Package Aero

    click to enlarge

    E90/E92/E93 Competition Package Front Lips
    These are the Original BMW carbon fiber front spoiler lips as fitted to the E92 M3 Competion Package. These high-quality factory ZCP parts add a bit of flair to the M3, giving it a bit more authority in its stance and appearance. These are Genuine BMW Parts that are a perfect fit to the stock M3 bumper, and fit all versions of the M3 - coupe, sedan, and cabrio. Click here to order.

    click to enlarge

    E92 M3 Competition Package Rear Lip Spoiler
    This subtle lip spoiler is more aggressive and sets the car apart from the regular M3 coupe. Made from carbon fiber and an Original BMW Competition Package accessory, this spoiler replaces the stock lip. It's fits to the full width of the trunklid and has a more pronounced angle. The carbon fiber weave comes with a clearcoat but you could also paint this piece for an even more-unique appearance. Factory adhesive optional. Click here to order.

    Carbon Fiber Trim

    click to enlarge

    E9X M3 GT4-Style Carbon Fiber Front Splitter
    This front splitter is an exact replica of the one used on the factory-built M3 GT4 racecar. It's a 100% dry carbon laid splitter with integrated 3" brake ducts. We tried one of these on our own Frozen Grey M3 and it makes a huge aesthetic improvement - making the front end appear lower to the ground and much more aggressive. These brake ducts are optimally placed to scoop out air and direct it into the wheel well (brake hose not included). Since this is a copy of the OE BMW piece the fitment is fantastic (but professional install is recommended). Click here to order..

    click to enlarge

    E9X M3 Carbon Fiber Front Kidney Grilles
    This pair of kidney grilles are made with layered carbon fiber and are a direct replacement for the stock chrome grilles. These are a must if you want to de-chrome the trim on your car and want a complete carbon fiber appearance. These snap into the front nose panel with factory-style tabs, making their installation a "snap"! We've been very happy with the quality of these pieces. This carbon weave matches the pattern on the E92 M3's carbon roof. Click here to order.>

    click to enlarge

    E9X M3 Carbon Fiber Hood Vent Trim
    These direct replacement carbon fiber hood vents are made of high quality twill weave carbon fiber, and install in minutes. These are not your typical (and inferior) immitation carbon fiber parts which bubble up over time -- these grills are beautifully wrapped in REAL carbon fiber, which is treated with a special UV protected clear coat to protect them from the elements. You wouldn't want anything less on your BMW! Click here to order.

    click to enlarge

    E9X M3 Carbon Fiber Fender Side Grille Trim
    These trim pieces work on all E90/E92/E92 M3s and install in place of the stock chrome pieces. They are made of high quality carbon fiber, and come complete with Genuine BMW ///M3 emblems. Installation only takes a few minutes, and the look and fit perfectly -- just as if they were factory parts! Click here to order.

    click to enlarge

    E9X M3 Carbon Fiber Mirror Trim
    These replacement carbon fiber covers install in place of your existing mirror cover for a very simple yet very attractive install. This allows you to retain all factory features, such as mirror memory and heat, but get the look you want. These replace the painted mirror caps that snap into the stock mirror housing. These are Genuine BMW parts for superior fit and finish! Click here to order.

    Matte Black Trim

    click to enlarge

    E9X M3 Matte Black Front Kidney Grilles
    These direct replacement center grills let you eliminate the stock chrome kidney / center grills, feature perfect fit and beautiful finish, and give you a darker more aggressive look. These girlls fit all 2008+ E90/E92/E93 M3s. Made from impact resistant long life ABS polymer, these grills are precision crafted for a perfect OEM fit. Unlike some competitors blacked-out grilles these black grills feature a high quality matte finish reminiscent of genuine BMW parts.
    Click here to order.

    click to enlarge

    E9X M3 Matte Black Fender Side Grille Trim
    These black fender grill trims simply replace the stock chrome pieces. They are high quality, use a genuine BMW //M3 emblem, and install in place of the stock pieces in minutes. They fit all 2008+ E90 M3, E92 M3 coupes and E93 M3 convertibles. This pair of trim pieces allows you to eliminate the chrome strip on both fenders, and give a stealth matte black blacked-out look. Click here to order.

    Clone Wars?
    Since creating our E90 M3 Project car, we've had several customers approach us to help them duplicate what we've done with our M3, on their own personal E90 and E92 M3 cars. Here's an example of one of these "clones", for reference -- this one is a dark metallic silver E92 M3 Coupe. Click thumbnails for larger image (you can use arrow keys to advance to the next image).

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