BMW E46 M3 S54 (1999-2005) Parts & Accessories

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BMW E46 M3 S54 (1999-2005) Parts

The third iteration of what has become the benchmark for peak-performance sports coupes was the BMW E46. This model featured the throwback widened fender arches seen on the first BMW Skunkworks car, the E30 M3, as well as a powerful engine in the form of the S54. The engine resembled the design of the European-only E36 M3 S5x, with its aggressive individual throttle bodies, high displacement, and a power band that seemed to scream to the moon. The more contemporary styling, plush interior, and convenience features made the E46 M3 a comfortable car for the reserved businessman who wanted to absolutely dominate each weekend at the track. Still regarded as one of the best available platforms to race, the E46 M3 demands a premium in good condition and consistently receives support from a wide number of companies. Browse our exclusive E46 M3 performance and maintenance section, located below, for the easiest selection for the wide range of parts available and guaranteed fitment every time.