Turner BMW E92 335i N54 Project Car

** Updated 8/11/2016 **

The E92 335i has become the BMW to tune. It has become synonymous with making big horsepower with relatively easy modifications. There have been countless N54 Powered project cars built all over the world. Our E92 335i came to us back in early 2007 soon after the E92 chassis was introduced to the US market. We were extremely excited to be the first North American tuner to begin research and development on the new twin turbo inline six three liter engine.

The Writeup


The N54 remains one of the most sought after engines to tune and rightfully so. It makes usable power at nearly all RPMs from the moment you dip into the throttle. Our goal with this was to open up the powerband even further to unleash everything this engine has to offer. We started with the obvious: intake and exhaust. aFe has reported gains of 27hp and 34 lbs/ft of torque with their intake alone! Towards the end of the combustion pathway, we started with a cat-less downpipe and replaced the stock cat back with Corsa's 3.5" system. This huge piping helps the turbos push out more exhaust gas and provides a noticeable power boost (amplified further with the intake). Extra breathing means extra heat, so we also installed a Cobb Intercooler. We strongly encourage any one of these mods individually, but with all of this new found power the car needs to think differently about air/fuel ratio and ignition timing. The Cobb Accessport is easy to use and the bang for the buck is incredible. With our mods and a tune, it is safe to expect at least a +85hp and +100lb/ft tq gain!


We understand that the 335i owner is not necessarily a wannabe M3 owner, and vice versa. The 335i has outstanding balance right out of the box, with a lighter front end and playful handling. The goal is not to turn the 335i into a race car, but make it a generally more engaging street car. So for that ethos to show through, we moved on to suspension and handling. Let's get this out of the way... we wanted BMW to offer the 335i with an LSD to get the most traction out of the turns. Since that wasn't an option, we added our own. We went with the OS Giken TractionControl LSD unit, a progressive unit that is capable of 100% lockup. Making sure the dynamics are confidence inspiring to get all the power to the ground are Bilstein PSS10 coil overs. These coil overs provide 10 different compression and rebound settings so we could get the ride dialed in perfectly for the street or occasional track day.


Aesthetically, we like clean simple lines of the coupe with minimal decoration. Subtle improvements here and there distinguish this from a regular E92. We added a Hartge front lip and black kidneys. It really turns into a refined beauty when you notice the jewelry at all four corners. Custom offset Forgeline wheels bring the visual stance a bit more width, while a minimal fender to wheel gap still allows full suspension travel. We rounded out the gorgeous stock interior with an integrated P3 gauge to keep track of all our temps and boost pressure.


On the road, our already excellent N54 335i is transformed. The power builds earlier and more linear. Full torque punches in before 2500 rpm and the power never dies out because the horsepower rush carries the motor all the way to redline. It feels as if the motor has shed rotating mass, pulling harder and faster everywhere. The sound is inline-six-tastic. Where before it sounded muted, there is now a low rpm growl which turns into a smooth, yet aggressive roar at WOT. Diving into turns the car feels very stock, but flatter and with less roll. The heft of the hydraulic steering is welcome and we can tell we're able to access all of our power once past the apex much earlier than in pre-mod drives. The car has retained a refined, subtle, daily driver attitude that is completely livable and gets a lot of looks on the street. But simultaneously, we have emphasized the capabilities of this chassis and created a coupe that is far more competent than those costing tens of thousands more (*ahem* M3).

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The Goods: N54 335i Performance Parts

Performance Package Stages
Stage 1 Performance Package


Front Mount Intercooler (FMIC)
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aFe Dual Cone Intake
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Cobb AccessPort Programmer
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* = FMIC does not add more horsepower but does a better job of maintaining increased boost levels for longer periods. Without it, the engine will not be able to make multiple consecutive runs at full boost and performance will suffer.