Turner BMW E92 335i N54 Project Car

** Updated 8/11/2016 **

The E92 335i has become the BMW to tune. It has become synonymous with making big horsepower with relatively easy modifications. There have been countless N54 Powered project cars built all over the world. Our E92 335i came to us back in early 2007 soon after the E92 chassis was introduced to the US market. We were extremely excited to be the first North American tuner to begin research and development on the new twin turbo inline six three liter engine.

The Writeup


The N54 remains one of the most sought after engines to tune and rightfully so. It makes usable power at nearly all RPMs from the moment you dip into the throttle. Our goal with this was to open up the powerband even further to unleash everything this engine has to offer. We started with the obvious: intake and exhaust. aFe has reported gains of 27hp and 34 lbs/ft of torque with their intake alone! Towards the end of the combustion pathway, we started with a cat-less downpipe and replaced the stock cat back with Corsa's 3.5" system. This huge piping helps the turbos push out more exhaust gas and provides a noticeable power boost (amplified further with the intake). Extra breathing means extra heat, so we also installed a Cobb Intercooler. We strongly encourage any one of these mods individually, but with all of this new found power the car needs to think differently about air/fuel ratio and ignition timing. The Cobb Accessport is easy to