Turner BMW E36 M3 Supercharged Project Car

** Updated 06/07/2015 **

The E36 M3 as well as the 3-series boasts an unmistakable presence on and off the road in things such as car shows, BMW Car Club events, and at almost all track events throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. Turner Motorsport formed its identity as a successful BMW race team and tuner around the E36's performance and styling on and off the track. It has also served as a means to sustain Turner's success, expertise and engineering from the racetrack to the street.

When the E36 M3 was first put into production, it was the fastest and most powerful M3 yet. The car was outfitted with a 3.0 L straight-6 producing 240 HP and 224 ft/lbs of torque. The second generation came with a 3.2 L straight-6 producing the same 240 HP but with an increased torque of 236 ft/lbs a 3,800 rpm. Although these engine specs are almost two decades old, the E36 is still a substantial driving force on market demand for OEM, Performance and race parts.

Although the E36 M3 is an incredibly capable car out of the box, there is always room to improve, especially when all new BMWs come standard with over 200 horsepower from the factory. To keep up with the times and BMW's latest power plants it only made sense to give the 1999 M3 an injection of power and performance to update it to today's standards.

This is why Turner Motorsport offers such a complete collection these parts for the E36 M3 and 3-series. TMS carries a wide variety of parts for these cars from OEM radiators to complete coil over suspension systems to supercharger kits. To help demonstrate what we mean, we have chosen an E36 driven on the street as well as the track that has had many hours in our shop fitted with many of our products. Our project E36 M3 has been fitted with an extensive list of products that Turner offers. A complete list can be found below.

Stage 2 First Impressions:

The Active Autowerke Stage 2 Kit is a perfect match to the E36 M3. It boosts the power from 240hp all the way up to around 400hp and even higher with other modifications such as M50 manifold, TMS Shorty Headers, Shrick Cams and Catless Track pipe.

When running on 91-93 octane the Active Autowerke Stage 2 Kit is the perfect balance of thrill worthy performance while still retaining that BMW feel for a comfortable daily commute. One of the biggest selling points on this kit is the everyday drive ability and "stock" feel that the car retains. When driving at normal cruising RPM between 1500 and 4000 the car feels much like it did before the supercharger despite the added low to mid range torque.

The power gains are simply awesome. The car makes a ton more power from 4000 to redline. The power curve is extremely linear and there is not real surge or drop off of power anywhere in the RPM range. It pulls hard all the way up to 7000 RPM and it feels awesome! This added power combined with the 3.46 ring and pinion in the differential make the car extremely fast from a stand still as well as moving and on the highway. The 3.46 is a perfect gear for this setup, allowing the car to be in the power almost all the time while still maintaining somewhat of the stock feel (compared to a 3.64).

Overall the kit is a great fit for the car. The tuning is seamless, the install is clean and the drive ability is superb. If you are looking to make over 300 whp in an E36 M3 or Non M this is the way to go and combined with the correct bolt-ons its easy to make even more power relatively easy.

Power: 390 RWHP @ 6900 rpm
Torque: 340 ft-lbs @ 5700 rpm
Boost: 11 psi

The Project Goal:

All the performance and maintenance items installed on this car all have one common goal in mind. Practicality, Reliability, and Function. Each Performance upgrade on this car is done with these three things in mind. This car has a dual purpose; Track and Street. We wanted the car to be a comfortable daily driver with extreme high performance that was both dependable and usable on the track. Too many times performance upgrades are done with only one thing in mind and that is where the car starts to drift away from a everyday driver.

We feel that all the Performance upgrades made to this car are extremely dependable for everyday driving and provide a great value whether it is improved handling, better pedal feel, increased throttle response or simply making horsepower, each of these products have been hand picked with our goal in mind. We would recommend these products to anyone who is looking to take their E36's performance into the current day, while still maintaining those characteristics that make the E36 M3 so unique and desirable to many BMW enthusiasts.

Project E36 M3
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The Gallery:

Forgeline LS3 Forged Three-Piece Wheels

Forgeline's new Heritage Series line of forged wheels are designed to represent the best of Forgeline's over two decades of engineering and manufacturing custom, made-to-order forged aluminum wheels. These classic designs are retro-cool and work well with virtually every class of automobile, from muscle cars to supercars to luxury vehicles.

The Forgeline LS3 Heritage Series wheel on our Turner Project Supercharged E36 M3 evoke classic and timeless styling, perfectly suited for the E36 M3's modern-classic status. The Forgeline LS3 Heritage Series wheel pays homage to Forgeline's very first wheel designs, the classic LS of the 1990s, but has been reborn here as a modern 3-piece wheel with updated engineering and manufacturing technology. A tight mesh design with very intricate machining details, the LS3 is elegant and timeless.

The LS3 is built with true forged 6061-T6 aluminum centers, aircraft-quality ARP stainless steel fasteners (your choice of exposed or hidden), and heat-treated rim sections. The LS3 is available with a stepped lip outer in 17-inch, 18-inch, and 19-inch fitments and features a standard powder coated center finish with a polished outer rim. But since each wheel is custom built-to-order, Forgeline can also offer special features like custom offsets, center locking hubs, and a large choice of finish combinations.

Our M3's wheels measure 18x8.0" in the front and 18x9.0" in the rear. They are finished in Satin Gold with a highly polished lip. Each wheels, both front and rear weigh-in at 24lbs. Forgeline's LS3 wheels are truly stunning, especially when combined with equally timeless and classic Hellrot paint on our E36 M3.

For tires we chose to go with the Continental Tire ContiSportContact 5P which is Continental's latest super high performance street tire. The tire has been chosen as a OE tire by several German auto manufacturers including BMW on the new M3 and M4. The 5P is available in widths from 225 all the way up to 325 and fits diameters from 18 to 23". We chose to go with the 235/40/18 and 255/35/18 for the Project E36.

Forgeline LS3 Forged Three-Piece Wheels