Turner BMW F10 M5 Frozen Gray Project Car

** Updated 7/13/2015 **

The M5 has always been a favorite amongst us here at Turner. There is nothing quite like a super luxury sedan with huge amounts of power. The unassuming aesthetics and absurd performance figures combined with the latest technology and gadgets make this car the ultimate sleeper. To the untrained eye the M5 might just look like any other luxury sedan on the road today with its long wheelbase and bulky appearance. Aside from some subtle changes in the front and rear aero features of the car along with the M5 side grills and M5 wheels, the car does not look much different than any other F10 5-series, especially considering both the 550 and 535 are available with M sport packages which make them look almost identical to the M5 from the front.

This latest M5 comes from a strong lineage of high performance super sedans which means it has an extremely high expectation to live up to. Both the E39 and E60 M5s produced huge amounts of power. The E39's 5.0 liter V8 made amazing torque throughout the entire power band making it a blast to drive while making the life of the OE clutch very short. The E60 had a very different type of power, the kind of power that is only really utilized on the racetrack or the autobahn. There is nothing quite like that S85 V10 revving at 8000 rpm.

This latest M5 comes with the S63TU which is a twin turbo 4.4 liter V8 producing 560 HP and just over 500 ft-lbs of torque edging out the E60 by 60 horsepower and 116 ft-lbs of torque. In addition to the added power, there is some added weight as well; the F10 M5 is just under 200 lbs heavier than its predecessor.

First Impressions:

Yes 200 lbs is a considerable amount of weight and yes the newest M5 is a bit longer and wider but when you get behind the wheel and put the car is sport+ the added weight and size is hardly noticeable. Once you get behind the wheel and dip into the throttle the instant torque throws you back in your seat and the weight and size of the car are distant memories. " I love the new M5, the car is so smooth, comfortable, and fast! The power delivery of this twin turbo V8 in unbelievable. The torque is instant with absolutely no turbo lag." Said Will Turner. "It is the ultimate daily driver".

Driving the car around Germany gives you a perspective on the car you would otherwise not have driving in the US. Driving the autobahn in the new M5 demonstrates the need for some of the new features available in these cars. For example, the frontal collision avoidance, lane departure features as well as the blind spot monitoring and heads up display with speed limit info are extremely important when traveling at high rates of speed for long durations. During a few of our longer drives down the Autobahn, from the Nurburgring to Munich in particular it was obvious how helpful these features really are.

Another feature that became extremely useful in some of the compact cities of Germany was the parking assist and cameras. Since this M5 is both longer and wider than previous generations it proves to be somewhat difficult to park in some situations. This is where the new and improved park assist and "top down" view is extremely useful. The cameras positioned under each side view mirror, in the trunk and on the top of the windshield allow you to park the car in very tight positions with pinpoint accuracy.

Night vision was also another interesting feature that was surprisingly useful in several situations. When navigating the tight back streets of cities such as Heidelberg and Cologne the night vision with pedestrian detection became very useful in alerting us if a pedestrian was crossing the street up to 980 feet ahead. The system alerts the driver as soon as a detected pedestrian moves toward the road. On paper these features and options seem a bit superfluous but when put to use in the real world they prove their practical use in many situations. Using these features through our time in Germany gave us a new appreciation for these features that may not be so crucial here in the US.

The Project:

At Turner we pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of performance and technology for BMWs. We want to have a complete understanding of these new cars to secure our future as a leading BMW tuner. Please stay tuned for more to come on the new M5. Our goal is to take this fifth generation M5 and make it unique. We are going to hand pick the best possible products and accessories for this project car to learn first hand the true potential of this latest generation of forced induction BMW power plants. Please stay tuned as we begin to modify this M5 and review the products we use.

The Gallery:


Gruppe M Intake Install:

The Gruppe M Intake for F10 M5 fitment is very good. The install takes approximately 2-3 hours depending on skill level, this includes the removal of the front bumper. We followed the instructions which were good but were sometimes hard to follow due to the translation from Japanese to English. We began the install by removing the front bumper of our M5, this was relatively easy. The most difficult part of removing the front bumper on our particular car was the connections to the night vision. There are power supply and video cables as well as a washer fluid hose that connect directly to the back of the camera inside the driver’s side kidney grill.

The night vision camera actually has a washer jet on the lens to keep it clear just like the headlights which we thought was pretty cool, something you don’t think about. After we removed the washer fluid hose and capped it off the bumper was removed and we could access the area behind the grills to install the ram air scoops which collect air flowing through the grills and forces it into the air intake inlets behind the headlights. The install of these scoops was simple.

After the scoops were installed we continued on to remove the stock air boxes and stock mass air flow sensors to switch them over to the new Gruppe M intake piping. The fitment was great and there were no iss