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BMW E60 M5 S85 5.0L Parts

The E60 M5, which has been praised by some of the most respected names in motorsport as literal perfection, was BMWAC/a,!a,,C/s response to the larger and more comfort-oriented E6x chassis. The Formula 1 inspired engine and transmission controls, irregularly firing V10, all wrapped up in the body of a spacious full-sized sedan made this car a total package. E60 M5 owners are part of an elite group who can enjoy their car on any road, any track, and still, have space for passengers or luggage. This is the benchmark for high-performance sedans and the continuation of BMWAC/a,!a,,C/s desire to provide sophistication to motoring excellence. While the S85 V10 won multiple awards as an amazing engine and the car overall has been given nothing but the absolute highest marks, it is still a vehicle that needs service and attention to continue providing the same joy it did when new. Additionally, if you are looking to improve the abilities and power of your car, performance modifications are available to help make your M5 more yours. Everything you need to either maintain or upgrade your E60 M5 has been compiled in categories below, all tailored specifically to your car, for the easiest parts search you can encounter.