BMW 1 Series E82 (2008-2013) Parts & Accessories

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BMW 1 Series E82 (2008-2013) Parts

Beginning with the first production models released overseas in 2004, the E8x 1-Series became the successor to the 3-series as the most affordable and smallest platform BMW available. E82 is the designation used to identify the coupe model, which was available here in America with either the naturally-aspirated straight six or the famous twin-turbo N54 in its earliest generations. The E82 closely mimics the personality of its unofficial grandfather, the E30, in its lightweight, rigid, FR layout that makes it both an enjoyable car on the street and a formidable opponent on highly technical tracks. To take advantage of your E82's potential, everything you would need to maintain or improve your car can be found in the categories below, specifically tailored to your chassis for the easiest parts selection around.