Turner BMW E46 M3 Project Car

** Updated 10/28/2015 **

Turner Motorsport has a strong and storied history of improving BMW M3s. The third-generation E46 M3 debuted in October 2000 and was a radical departure from the two previous generations for those in the U.S. market. For the U.S market BMW had optioned to equip the previous E36 M3 received a less powerful 240 bhp S50/S52 engine, compared to the drastically different Euro-spec S50B30 and S50B32 engines found overseas, which produced 286 and 321 bhp respectively. For the first time, we were getting a "true" M3 experience. Turner Motorsport's first E46 M3 was delivered to us on March 21, 2001. It was one of the first E46 M3s off the production line and we quickly became one of the leading E46 M3 tuners in the world. Our M3 was Imola Red/black interior, with a 6-speed manual and 18" wheels. Like all of our project car, our E46 M3 didn't stay within the factory specifications for long. We picked out the best performance parts for our M3 in order to improve upon an already great sports car.

Today, despite its design being nearly 16 years old the E46 M3 remains one of, if not the most popular BMW M3 to-date. The S54 power plant has achieved legendary status in the world of BMWs, as it is the last naturally-aspirated inline six-cylinder engine to come in a M3. The E46 chassis has wowed enthusiasts on the street and has claimed numerous victories on race tracks around the world during its history. Turner Motorsport has built and continues to build the best in street and track E46 M3s. Our championship-winning race team won the 2006 Grand-Am Cup Grand Sport c