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BMW F80 M3 S55 3.0L Parts

In 2014, a drastic change in nomenclature for BMW's 3-Series split the sedan variant away from the rest of its family by making the F80 M3 a sedan-only option with the name. The new F80 M3 featured throwback nods to previous M cars in its straight-six engine and visual design elements all over the car. The F80 is considered one of the best new performance cars for its power, handling characteristics, and predictable weight balance thanks to its carbon roof and partially aluminum construction. Many have hailed the F80 M3 as a future classic and one of the greatest driver's cars available. To keep yours in pristine condition, or to improve your driving experience with upgraded performance parts, we have compiled the list of categories below that are tailored to your F80 M3 exclusively so you can spend more time driving your car and less time hunting for everything you need to make sure it maintains its place at the top of the list for modern performance cars.