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BMW F82 M4 S55 3.0L Parts

The M3 is BMW's M GmbH division's pride and joy, so it is funny that to honor the M3 name, BMW called their newest F82 M chassis the M4. The F82 M4 signifies the two-door variant of the M car range, which features an S55 twin-turbo straight-six, carbon fiber roof and driveshaft, and many design cues that are obviously attributed to the car's genetics and featured on the M cars of old. Unlike its predecessors, however, the M4 sports oversized individual elements like its aggressively sculpted air inlets on the front bumper and elaborate c-shaped mirrors that harken back to the E36 M3 in a twisted sort of way. The visually striking and quite imposing exterior for the first time equals the performance capabilities usually hidden by BMW's traditionally understated design, which makes the F82 M4 stand out as the top-tier sports car it is, even sitting still. The F82 M4 has been praised by many as a return to the driving purism that was the origin of the M-car line. This car is sure to be a future collector's dream and will remain competitive on the race track for years, so owning one now makes you a caretaker of BMW's favorite child. Make sure your M4 is in peak condition with our choice upgrades and maintenance service parts, all exclusively categorized below for your F82. The easiest way to find everything your F82 M4 needs is right here on this page so you can spend less time hunting for parts and more time enjoying the best BMW has to offer.