BMW E90 M3 S65 4.0L Parts & Accessories

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BMW E90 M3 S65 4.0L Parts

With the continuation of the 3-Series to the E9x platform, BMW resurrected the M3 sedan with a widened E90 body and a brutally powerful S65 V8 engine. The inclusion of an M3 four-door brought back the convenience missing in the E46 generation, which left buyers to choose between the insanely capable M3, but sacrifice usability, or go with a less powerful and less aggressive 330i sedan. As a V8, the E90 M3 offered something BMW had never produced before: a truly fast car. The "stuff a big engine in a small" mentality that so rarely prevails at that level of manufacturing is always successful, just as it was with the E90 M3. This would be the only M3 to receive a screaming V8, as well as the only body configuration available after the E90 had run its course as BMW's current M3. Since these cars are so fantastically balanced and offer significant horsepower, they are excellent for use in motorsports. If you are looking to outfit your E90 M3 for more power or just trying to make a simple repair, everything on this page has been tailored to your car for the easiest parts search around. Grab your upgrades and maintenance parts here for ensured fitment.