BMW 3 Series F30 (2012+) Parts & Accessories

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BMW 3 Series F30 (2012+) Parts

The most recent iteration of BMW's 3-series is the F30, which is now only available as a sedan with that chassis designation and name. While the heritage of the 3-series began with the coupe, the market demand for convenient passenger and luggage space without sacrificing the sporty feel for which BMW coupes had become famous. The now exclusively turbocharged engines offered for the F30 platform fill the shoes of the almost exclusively naturally aspirated engines in its predecessors, and bring the BMW sports sedan into the modern era of technology-driven performance. Though they are plenty capable from the factory, F30 owners are no different than any other BMW owner in that they want better performance and more customizability to make their F30 their own. We have organized all maintenance and performance upgrades by category here on this page exclusively for your F30. Find everything you need in one place with ensured fitment for the easiest parts search around.