Turner BMW F82 M4 Project Car

** Updated 11/12/2015 **

While the words BMW and M3 are synonymous with performance, styling and German engineering, the M4 nameplate on a BMW is a much newer phenomenon. Many enthusiasts were confused and upset when BMW announce the current generation of M3 would only be available as a four-door sedan, while the two-door coupe would now be called the BMW M4. Afterall, the first and most iconic generation of the M3, the E30, was only available as a coupe. That car created an entire generation of BMW enthusiasts, and has become a highly-prized collector car in the past five years. Despite many having initial negative preconceptions about BMW's decision to create the 4-series and M4, many have quickly come to love the design and performance of the latest two-door performance coupe from BMW.

At Turner Motorsport, we have built our own reputation as one of North America's premier suppliers of BMW OEM and performance parts, particularly with each generation of BMW M3. Throughout our 20+ years in the industry we have constantly pushed the envelope the technology and performance for BMWs, using knowledge gained on the road and on the race track. In order to continue to be at the forefront of offering the latest in peformance for your BMW, it was only natural that we get our hands on the latest and greatest from BMW. While we are currently on our second F80 M3 project car, this is the first F82 M4 we have got our hands on.

The F82 M4 might share the same engine and drivetrain as the F80 M3, but stylistically the M4 is very different from the four-door M3.

The M3's fender flares are very aggressive and pronounced, giving the car an immediate presence where ever it goes. The M3's body proportions are very compact and make the car appear significantly shorter than the M4. While the F4 has aggressive curves and styling, the overall body lines are more rounded and sleek compared to the sharp angles of the M3. From a distance the M4 somewhat resembles a smaller version of the current F13 generation of BMW M6.

First Impressions:

Our Project F82 M4, finished in BMW Individual Tanzanite Blue Metallic. This shade of dark blue has a very high amount of metallic flake in the paintwork, giving the car an impressive appearance, especially in direct sunlight. The exterior is very classy and gives our M4 a somewhat understated tone. The interior is finished in Full Sonoma Beige Merino leather. With its rich, light saddle-brown color, the leather is an excellent contrast to the dark and shiny exterior color. Together they create a F82 M4 that is subtle and elegant on the outside, with a powerful and aggressive drivetrain and suspension that lies underneath the surface.

Although we have had limited drive time behind the wheel of BMW's new M4. Here are our driving impressions so far.

What a machine! On the road the M4 feels focused and involved, just a sports car the caliber of a BMW M4 should feel. The steering is very direct and linear, especially when in Sport+ mode. We passed on the optional BMW Carbon Ceramic brakes, and instead opted for the regular cross-drilled brake rotors for our M4. We're glad to say the stock brakes slow down our M4 very well and don't seem to fade nearly as quickly as on the our F10 M5 or F13 M6. Keep the weight down in the new M4 has a big role in the lack of fade.

The new S55 engine is extremely potent, and when combined with Sport+ mode and the optional BMW Double Clutch Transmission (DCT) with Drive Logic, makes for very exciting 0-60 runs. With hard accelerations the 3.0-liter, Twin-Power Turbo unit makes some sounds that are reminiscent of