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BMW E34 M5 Strut Braces & Stress Bars

BMW E34 M5 Strut Braces & Stress Bars BMWs need some added chassis strengthening in the front. You may notice some "chassis flex" when cornering or driving over a bumpy road. The reason for this is the incredible amount of force being applied to front strut towers. They have a tendency to flex when force is applied to them. Tying the strut towers together with a brace reduces the amount of flex and soldifies your car's chassis. Easy installation.
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IRP Adjustable Front Strut Brace - E34 BMW

A strut tower brace adds additional reinforcement to the front strut towers, tying them together for extra rigidity. This makes the whole structure stronger with less chassis flex. Handling and steering feel are improved with better turn-in and input with no downsides. 

The IRP adjustable strut brace bar is a high quality brace that is constructed of 100% steel for guaranteed reinforcement and prevention of flex. The brace bar is painted black to ensure corrosion protection and to add to the looks of the engine bay.

Easily installed with basic hand tools.

Fits the following BMW chassis:
E34 BMW All Submodels

IRP - Individual Racing Parts
Part #: IRPFSB-34
Price: $119.95 (USD) 
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Racing Dynamics Front Strut Brace - E34 525i, 535i, M5 Racing Dynamics Strut Brace for E34 5 Series 6 cyl.

This item fits the following BMWs:
1989-1993 E34 BMW 535i
1991-1995 E34 BMW 525i, M5
Racing Dynamics
Part #: 1969934011
Price: $249.95 (USD) 
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