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BMW Z8 Racing Tow Hooks and Tow Straps

BMW Z8 Racing Tow Hooks and Tow Straps Tow hooks and straps are required in all racing series and most major driver's clubs and driver education track days. And the tow ring in the factory BMW tool kit is frowned upon because it protrudes from the bumper. Most racing series require a folding tow ring to prevent yours from spearing another car during close racing. For our own racing cars we developed several solutions that make these the best tow hooks and straps on the market for your BMW. The current favorite style is a nylon strap but we also sell folding steel rings. Check with your racing series to see which type they prefer.
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Motorsport Tow Strap The lightest and simplest tow strap on the market! This is a factory BMW Motorsport part (BMW part number 51117749365), as used on many factory E46 racecars and our own E46 Touring Cars. This strap simply wraps around something solid on the chassis. A typical installation is to unbolt the bumper shock, slide the tow strap on, and then bolt the shock back on the frame rail. The strap then protrudes through an opening in the bumper. On most cars if you cut a slot in the bumper you can push this tow strap behind it for a very sleek appearance. When needed, simply pull it out from the bumper. The color is actually a bright red to stand out for tow truck operators and emergency workers. Since this is not a "bolt-in tow strap" there is no additional weight to carry and you don't have to worry about the bolt vibrating loose. It's simple and light which is perfect for a racecar. Sold per strap so order two if you want front and rear.
Genuine BMW Motorsport
Part #: TOW
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Part #: E30
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Takata Tow Strap with bolt-on 7/16 hardware - Green

Takata Polyester Tow Straps are a better option than traditional solid tow hooks for a few reasons. The first is that many tracks are not allowing solid tow hooks because it creates an addition point that could cause contact on a track. Any contact on a track could cause damage to other cars or even cause you or them to lose control, in a worst case scenario. Second is that they are lightweight. Needing only a small mounting bracket to mount the tow strap to the vehicle, the combined weight of the the bracket and polyester strap is essentially non-existent when compared to many tow hooks. The final main benefit is that they are not in a fixed position. Tow straps can be tucked away when not needed or left to hang out freely. Perfect for stowing it away when not being used on the track.

**Must be mounted up to existing bolts on frame or crash bar, or a new hole can be drilled into a solid mounting location and the strap can be mounted with locking hardware. Tow strap does not include hardware.**


  • With embroidered TAKATA logo
  • Ultra strength and high quality genuine Takata product
  • Bendable stainless steel bolt-on hardware for up to 7/16' or max 12 mm bolt
  • Capable of pulling over 1800 kg (4000 lbs)
  • Manufactured in the EU by Takata
  • All products shipped from our UK warehouse
Part #: 78009-H2
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HARD Motorsport Tow Hook Arrow Sticker

Most track/race organizations require a sticker pointing out your tow hook. Hard Motorsport offers these to be purchased in addition to their tow hook mounts.


Fits all BMW vehicles.

HARD Motorsport
Price: $7.00 (USD) 
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ECS Ultimate 3-Way Tow Hook/No Holes License Plate/Camera Mount

This multifunctional front mount is 3 products in one! This front mount can be set up as a -

  • No Holes license plate bracket
  • Camera mount
  • 2" tow hook
  • Or almost any combination of the above*

Now your license plate bracket can double as a mount for your Go-Pro or similar camera system. Or a tow hook with the camera for track use. Running one or multiple combinations is easy since each piece is mounted to the existing tow hook receptacle behind the bumper. No modification is required! Each piece threads into the tow hook for easy install and removal. Metric Allen keys are included. ECS engineers were unimpressed wtih other plate and holder materials on the market so all pieces in their kit are made from stainless steel or 4140 alloy steel with a tough resilient coating (aluminum and plain sheetmetal were found to deform after repeated use). Simulations show this plate mount to withstand speeds of up to 150mph!

This kit was developed for the front but may also fit on some rear tow hook locations. A different extension may be required.

* - the only combination not possible is the tow hook with the license plate bracket.


Part #: 001912C0102A
Price: $202.95 (USD) 
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