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BMW Shift Knobs, Shift Boots, & Shift Handles

Your shift knob and your steering wheel (along with the pedals) are some of the most important control surfaces in your car. We believe these surfaces should not only look exceptional but perform and function beyond expectations. We offer shift knobs that are Original BMW parts, MOMO from Italy, and other brands that we feel make driving more enjoyable and enhance the technical sophistication that your BMW embodies.

BMW shift knobs are easy to replace. On manual transmission models, the knob is pressed into a groove at the top of the shift lever. It simply needs to be pulled off - place the transmission into 2nd gear and yank hard towards your chest (not your head). 2nd gear offers a better leverage point than anything else. To install the new knob just slide it over the shift lever and press down firmly. You will feel the knob 'snap' into place.

Note that some factory knobs are a one-piece design with the boot. Upgrading your knob may require a new boot as well.
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