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BMW Cooling System Parts & Accessories


The cooling system is arguably the weakest point in numerous BMWs. If you drive an aging BMW or plan on taking your car to the track like we do, we recommend beefing up your cooling system before going to the track. Generally, the main components in your cooling system that are prone to failure include the following: expansion tank, factory hoses, water pump, thermostat, fan (especially if your vehicle comes factory with a clutch fan), and radiator. Factory BMW expansion tanks are plastic and prone to either breaking off at connection points or combusting. As factory rubber hoses age they either crack or break over time - we offer silicone cooling hose upgrades for most applications to avoid future failures. If you have an older vehicle, your water pump likely comes from the factory with a plastic impeller - we offer upgraded water pumps with metal impellers that are far more reliable. Newer model BMWs utilize electric water pumps - BMW spent millions of dollars engineering these water pumps, but they fail so often that we recommend replacing at 60,000 mile service intervals to avoid being stranded on the side of the road. In terms of thermostats, we offer various upgraded thermostats for racing applications. If your BMW utilizes a clutch fan from the factory, we have several options available in terms of universal electric fans - we recommend replacing these to avoid sending brittle plastic fan blades through your hood. For radiators, we recommend swapping out your radiator for one that does not use plastic connection points like your factory radi