E60 525i/528i/530i/535i/545i/550i KW Coilover Kit - Variant 1 (V1)

Factory Pre-set Damping The Variant 1 is KW s basic simple and effective coil over kit that is still packed with lots of features - Pre-set damping optimized for a blend of ride comfort and handling with less bodyroll than the standard suspension, Stainless steel strut/shock bodies and composite spring perches for superior corrossion resistance, Individually height-adjustable - Front = 25-55mm lowering; Rear = 25-55mm lowering, TUV approved lowering range and operation, Expert engineering and design for ease-of-use and long durability, This is the ideal coil over kit for a 5-series owner who does not plan on tracking or autocrossing the car and just wants a lower, more aggressive stance and better handling. KW has set the shock damping rates to be an excellent balance for a smooth yet taut ride, and to resist bodyroll motions for better handling. The Variant 1 differs from the Street Comfort set in that it has stiffer springs and revised shock settings. If you want a sportier ride and better handling than stock the Variant 1 is an excellent choice. Coil over suspensions are better engineered suspension options compared to a standard shock + spring package. Since the springs and shocks in a coil over are designed by a team of engineers to work together, there is much better suspension travel and more precisely tuned specifications for spring and shock rates. Using separate shock and spring specs may result in premature coil bind or shock bottoming. And most coil over kits offer more features than the traditional packages. Coil overs are also more useful when larger wheels/tires are used because you can precisely set the ride heights to clear the new tires. Fitment Note: Wheel spacers may be required depending on wheel/tire sizing and ride height setting. Lifetime warranty! This item fits the following BMWs: 2004-2010 E60 BMW 525i 530i 528i 535i 545i 550i Sedan Not for wagon or all-wheel drive models.
T#: 11547 | Part#: 10220005
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E60 525i/528i/530i/535i/545i/550i KW Coilover Kit - Variant 1 (V1)