Head Gasket Set - E34 525i 93-95, E36 325i 93-95 M50

This head gasket set for the M50tu VAN0S engine will save you both time and money. This set includes all of the commonly replaced gaskets, seals, and o-rings. This allows you to complete your head rebuild without ordering and waiting for parts as needed. These are all parts that are replaced on the cylinder head ensuring you have a leak-free top-end when the job is finished.

This set of gaskets is a both a time and money saver. It includes all of the commonly replaced gaskets, seals, and o-rings when performing this overhaul. Having these on hand instead of chasing them down at the last minute will save you time, money, and frustration. With this area of the engine apart you're going to want or need to replace these items anyway to ensure it's free of fluid and vacuum leaks. This is especially important because some states have very strict emissions regulations and vacuum and oil leaks can lead to failed inspections tests. On newer cars this can also create issues in the on-board diagnostics system. Even if you're not pulling the head this set includes so many valuable parts you'll want to keep this on hand to use for spares.

Complete Parts List(click to expand) BMW p/n Qty Description 07119963130 3 screw plug gasket ring07119963200 1 block coolant drain seal ring07119963201 2 exhaust manifold plug seal ring07119963418 1 timing chain tensioner seal ring11120034107 1 valve cover gasket set11121726617 1 head gasket11121738963 1 rear coolant flange profile gasket11151730724 1 crankcase vent valve o-ring11349064457 2 valve stem seal
2 sets = 24 valves
11361740840 1 front head cover gasket11531265084 1 thermostat o-ring11531740437 1 thermostat housing profile gasket, inner11611716174 1 throttle body o-ring profile gasket11611717259 6 intake manifold runner profile gasket11611730725 1 connector o-ring11611735735 1 intake air temp sensor o-ring11611735736 1 intake air temp sensor o-ring11611735859 1 connector o-ring11621728983 3 exhaust manifold gasket plate12141748398 1 camshaft position sensor o-ring13531720251 1 fuel pressure regulator o-ring, large13531720252 1 fuel pressure regulator o-ring, small13541735380 1 throttle body heater thermostat o-ring13641730767 12 fuel injector o-ring18301716888 2 exhaust flange gasket32411093596 2 VAN0S oil line seal ring

This item fits the following BMWs:
1993-1995 E36 BMW 325i 325is 325ic
1993-1995 E34 BMW 525i
T#: 1723 | Part#: 11129064467
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Direct Ship, Expected Ship Date: Sep 24, 2021
Head Gasket Set - E34 525i 93-95, E36 325i 93-95 M50