MOTUL RBF 600 Racing Brake Fluid (DOT4) - 500ml Bottle

Motul RBF600 is a ultra high performance DOT4-rated brake fluid intended for track and race vehicles. Motul's advanced glycol and borate formula has resulted in very high boiling points - even though it's rated as a DOT4 fluid, its boiling points exceed DOT5 specs. With such a high boiling point brake fade and vapor lock due to overheating is all but eliminated. Even with a higher wet boiling point, this fluid will absorb moisture faster than most other DOT4 fluids so it will require more frequent changes than other types.

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Product Dry Boiling Point Wet Boiling Point Viscosity DOT RatingMotul RBF600 312� C (594� F)* 205� C (401� F)* normal 4
Sold per half-liter (500mL).
T#: 1795 | Part#: RBF600
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MOTUL RBF 600 Racing Brake Fluid (DOT4) - 500ml Bottle