Victor Reinz Head Gasket Set - E24 E28

Cylinder head gasket set that covers all of the small and large gaskets and seals commonly replaced when overhauling the cylinder head on the S38/M88 engine.

This set of top-end gaskets is a both a time and money saver. It includes all of the commonly replaced gaskets, seals, and o-rings when pulling the cylinder head for overhaul. Having these on hand instead of chasing them down at the last minute will save you time, money, and frustration. With the head off the car you're going to want or need to replace these items anyway to ensure it's free of fluid and vacuum leaks. This is especially important because some states have very strict emissions controls and vacuum and oil leaks can lead to failed inspections tests. On newer cars this can also create issues in the on-board diagnostics system. Even if you're not pulling the head this set includes so many valuable parts you'll want to keep this on hand to use for spares.

Complete Parts List(click to expand) BMW p/n Qty Description 07119906322 1 thermostat o-ring07119906328 2 large tensioner rail lower o-ring07119963073 4 cylinder head screw plug seal ring
and thermostat housing connector seal ring
07119963130 1 water pipe gasket ring07119963200 3 front screw plug seal ring07119963355 2 side screw plug seal ring07119963418 1 timing chain tensioner seal ring111213044173 2 cam tray-to-cylinder head o-ring11121304174 6 cam tray-to-cylinder head o-ring
(spark plug holes)
11121306729 1 rear cam tray profile gasket11121312172 1 valve cover gasket11121312173 3 spark plug hole gaskets11121316705 1 head gasket11141271415 1 exhaust cam cover shaft seal, 28x40x711151312176 1 rear water pipe profile gasket11311304257 1 timing chain axle o-ring11311307408 1 small timing rail axle o-ring11349059172 24 valve stem seals (24 total seals)11411304178 7 crankcase vent pipe o-ring
coolant pipe-to-cylinder head o-ring
11511265654 1 water pump profile gasket11531304176 2 water pipe o-ring11621312961 6 exhaust manifold-to-cylinder head gasket plate11631271346 1 throttle screw o-ring
(on throttle bodies)
12111252257 2 cam tray cover o-ring13541261197 3 throttle screw o-ring
(may only be used on Euro models)
13541312459 1 throttle body profile gasket13541315081 3 throttle body profile gasket

This item fits the following BMWs:
1985-1988 E28 BMW M5
1985-1989 E24 BMW M635CSi M6
T#: 19392 | Part#: 11121316991
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Expected Ship Date: May 19, 2021
Victor Reinz Head Gasket Set - E24 E28