Kaehler Fuel Pump Relay (7-Prong) - E23 E24 E28 E30

This is the fuel pump relay for some E21, E23, E24, E28, and E30 models. The fuel pump relay gets power from the main relay and then powers on the fuel pump. If your fuel pump is not powering on (a buzzing noise is the telltale sign) then the relay may be at fault. It's easy to test with a jumper wire and test light. Note: relays look similar but can perform different functions, and electrical parts are non-returnable, so make sure you confirm this is the relay you need.

According to BMW, this part supercedes these previous BMW relay part numbers: 12621735424, 12631735424, 12631378238, 61311459577 and Bosch part number 0 332 019 456. However, see the note below when replacing a 4 or 5-prong relay)!

Note: this is a 7-prong relay that should only be used to replace a relay with similar wiring. The BMW ETK and RealOEM (and other sites) call for this relay in place of the factory 4 or 5 prong relays but that is not always the case. The 7-prong relay requires an RPM signal to energize the fuel pump and most cars that used a 4 pin relay do not have that signal so the pump will never turn on. If you are replacing a E30 4-pin relay first try the green relay #61368373700. It's more likely the better option (and cheaper).

Please remember that electrical parts are not returnable.
T#: 19416 | Part#: 13631276264
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Kaehler Fuel Pump Relay (7-Prong) - E23 E24 E28 E30