Thermostat - E9X M3 E60 M5 E63 M6

Replacement stock thermostat for E90, E92, E93 M3 - S65 engine- E60 M5 E63 M6 with S85 engine. Your car may still operate fine according the instrument display but the electrically-operated thermostat may be going bad.

Hella is a premium manufacturer that supplies automotive lighting products for numerous car brands around the world. Their high quality, long lasting parts have made them a trusted brand chosen to help keep your BMW bright and visible for many years to come.

This item fits the following BMWs:
2007+ E9X BMW M3
2005+ E60 BMW M5
2005+ E63 BMW M6

T#: 2252 | Part#: 11537836155
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Thermostat - E9X M3 E60 M5 E63 M6