Crankcase Vent Valve - Cyl 5-8 - E39 M5, Z8

The crankcase vent valve (CVV) / Oil Separator holds and releases oil vapors that build up in the engine. It's the same type of system previously known as a PCV valve and the same deficiencies exist. Over time, the CVV will become saturated and clogged with oil. When this happens, the oil-rich vapors from the engine will back up into the intake tract and eventually into the combustion chamber. The oil added to the gasoline/air mix will cause misfires, carbon deposits, rough running, and blue smoke out the tailpipe. Replacing the CVV every 70,000 miles will ensure the correct and clean ventilation of oil vapor.

This item fits the following BMWs:
2000-2003 E39 BMW M5
2000-2003 E52 BMW Z8 Roadster
Genuine BMW
T#: 32228 | Part#: 11151406789
Part#: 11-15-1-406-789
Part#: 11 15 1 406 789
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Crankcase Vent Valve - Cyl 5-8 - E39 M5, Z8